Folk Pop Bands

Pop Folk Bands

Strumental classica world music folk pop. operatività. Mail su folk pop scritti da Francesco. The Velocity Rising' della band indie-folkpop di Glasgow, The Hur. Folk, Pop, Country, Rap Founding year: Accastorta Folk'n'Roll Band Band Rock, Cantautore, Pop, Mansuè (TV), Veneto.

Mariposa - Classica, Strumentale, World Pop, Folk, Pop, World Musik

The Mariposas is happy to make the most important moments of your ceremony unique and unforgettable. The Mariposas Quintet is a female music group composed of flute, violin, harp, cello and voice. The art of the complex is expressed on all occasions: always suitable for any event, for skill, elegance and image, they perform in theatres, congresses, ceremonies (civil and religious), festivals, music festivals and other events and have a team from duet to quintet.

The unique repertoire of the ensemble, which is expertly interpreted by the musicians, is particularly appreciated, is very broad and extends to light music, Celtic and South American music. GENERAL AND AREA: Classical, liturgical, light, Celtic, South American music, soundtracks, songs of eternal green. SERVICES: Musical entertainment in the church for religious ceremonies, common for civil ceremonies, in the restaurant as musical background from aperitif to cake.

The Milleunanota - Folk, Pop, Canadian Authentic, Classica, World Classics, Popolare

The Milleunanota team was born with the intention of providing a high quality musical service by performing songs without the help of previously recorded bases. In their repertoire the musicians have songs by Italian and foreign authors who have written the history of music, but also lesser known songs from the Italian folk tradition and international folk.

Here are pieces from the Irish, American, Jewish and Greek traditions. Milleunanota offer a service both for the ceremony (civil or religious) and for the reception. Their repertoire is quite wide, includes different genres and usually the choice of songs is decided together with the couple, according to their personal taste and the advice the two musicians give regarding the place and above all the style, atmosphere and colour they want to give to the event.

Normally they welcome guests with quiet music during the aperitif: swings, Irish folk, etc.... They continue the performance of songs of various kinds during the meal, songs by Italian and international authors, instrumental music and soundtracks to conclude with more danceable and lively music. For those who wish it, they also have the possibility to send the songs for the final by offering a service like dj.

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