Folk Musicians 2016

2016 folk musicians

" Le Perle del SUD" folk band logo. " Perle del SUD" folk band logo. Spectacular band specialising in professional light music for weddings, birthdays and special occasions in general. ( 2014 ) and the selfish CD ( 2015 ), which was promoted between 2014 and 2016 with around 60 live shows. Concerts on 14 July with the Burdon Folk Band (Ukraine) and on 12 August with Vizönt?

(Hungary) will take place at the Giardino Santa Chiara instead.

The Ragnatela Folk Band

One year after the release of the first album "Na Uascézz" the Ragnatela Folk Band returns with "Iatta Nera". A production selected by the Redland Music & Swithmuse Music Group for the Pizzica La Taranta collection, sold at the TV Sorrisi & Canzoni and Chi kiosks on 29 July 2016 and distributed by the Mondadori Group.

The release of the single is also the release of the first video clip of the Lucan volume, the result of an international collaboration with the French crew under the direction of director and screenwriter Isabelle Montoya and Gaëlle Tanguy, who directed the photography. Claudio Mola, author of the song, tells the audience: "I wanted to capture in a song the feelings we feel when playing and making music, through a mysterious figure, the one of Iatta Nera.

The dialect of the text is not a "pure" dialect. It is the result of what happened in the last productions, but also in the more classical productions: "Popular music encompasses more sound and language traditions that may seem different, but have a lot in common.

Artistico il Greattacielo Center (Center for Art)

Esperanto is a contemporary Leghorn volume with early music notes, founded in 2014 and returning from a successful summer. The original music group consists of three elements: The Artistic Centre will have the honour of christening the new formation Esperanto, enriched by two new musicians: Francesco Coppedè and Simone Prezioso, and a new song combining gypsies and folk music.

With Esperanto we will make a real journey through the world's music and be enchanted by the popular and folk music of many countries. In a single evening you can listen and dance, as is always the case at Esperanto's concerts, rhythms and melodies of French, English, Mexican, Balkan, Gypsy, Jamaican and Cuban, Tarantella and Pizze.


Auteur music, in which urgent rhythms alternate with psychedelic atmospheres, creating situations that lead one to reflect, to cry out one's anger, in a world where mafia, pollution and racism are the masters, not only songs of protest or denunciation, but a real "cultural guerilla", spiced with a pinch of healthy irony and vocals by Nicola Lollino and bellows by Toni Urzì on the harmonic guitar by Gianni Pitzali on pressing rhythms by Amedeo Saluzzo on big strings by All'attivo Participation in the Buscaglione 2014 award,

Finalists at Sottotoni2015, semi-finalists Emergenza 2016, finalists at M**Talent 2018, winner of the renowned prize Suite@Folkest 2018 as well as numerous concerts in clubs and festivals in Northern Italy. In December 2016 the first record "L'Impresa" was released.

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