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The Terraross, a group of popular music from Puglia and southern Italy, is presented by Dominique Antonacci. Volksmusikanten on a tour through the European landscape with the bicycle photo of Roger Viollet. Find the perfect stock photo of folk musicians. This charming Italian folk trio is accompanied by some of the best jazz musicians in Italy. Greek folk music articles, including:

Folk musicians of Terraròs

On Wednesday, November 11th, the Terraròss, a popular music group consisting of Dominique Antonacci, Giuseppe De Santo, Annarita Di Leo, Vito Gentile, Antonio De Santo, Stefano Pepe, Carlo Porfido and the dancer Caterina Totaro, will be awarded the "Bandira Verde Agricoltura" prize at the Sala del Protomoteca in Campidoglio, Rome. "It is a great satisfaction - said the Antonacci Group front man - I hope it is the first of a long series, also because we make music and the farmers give us the prize, but it means that we do something good in a real and visible way for the territory.

The latter retired to Rome, where the group was born about ten years ago thanks to the will of Dominique himself and Giuseppe De Santo. "The famous singer-songwriter Francesco De Gregori has signed the soundtrack to Paolo Genovese's long-awaited movie "Have you ever been on the moon?", which has been on the screen since January 22.

De Gregori's notes, including the unpublished song that bears the title of the movie, form the backdrop for a sentimental comedy distributed by 01 Distributions, produced by Pepito and Rai Cinema, staged by Paulo Génovese and cast with Raoul Bova, Emilio Solfrizzi, Sabrina Impacciatore, Nino Frassica, Pietro Sermonti and Giulia Michelini, among others.

Pizzica tarantina" by Terraròss, musicians and minnesingers of the lower Murgia, who with their music and sympathy keep alive the traditions of our culture, also belong to the pieces of the Murgia. In addition, the members of the renowned folk music group Dominique Antonacci, Giuseppe De Santo, Annarita Di Leo, Vito Gentile, Biagio De Santo, Antonio De Santo and Nicola Mandorino took part in the shooting by presenting themselves or a group participating in a street festival.

"We participated in a trial - said Antonacci, front man of the group - after calling the Puglia Movie Commission and were selected from various groups. We did not visit them, but we collaborated with them, with famous national and international celebrities and actors from Puglia who represent myths for us, such as Rubini, Solfrizzi, unforgettable for the duet "Toti and Tata" and Dino Abbrescia, Sasanelli, for the movie "Lacapagira".

From 5.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. the Terraròss were present during the shooting of some scenes, together with all the collaborators involved in the movie, a story floating between city and country, telling of the encounter between two different worlds. "We had never made a movie together with Terraróss before. We did some single shots for the local national television, but never for the theater.

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