Folk Musica

traditional music

Folk music is a genre of traditional, often rural music, originally passed down from generation to generation through oral traditions. Folk music with a term taken from English is the music of people whose origins are lost in the fog of time. Folk music is often understood as folk music or folk music. Preview, buy, and download music by your favorite artists in the Songwriters category on iTunes. Are you looking for interesting articles about folk music?

Generi musiciali russiani

Folk is generally understood to mean both folk and folk traditions (including written folk music), for which the definition of folk tradition is used in English, and derived folk for which the definition of folk modern culture or folk animation is generally used in English.

Folk tradition, which corresponds to our folk tradition, has been defined in different ways: as "orally transmitted music", which has always been played, as "music of the poorer classes" or even as that of " unknown composers ". What is certain is that folk is different from popular and cultured folk which is considered as three macro categories which together form an "axiomatic triangle".

From the mid-20th century, many artists began to develop new forms of popular art inspired by the traditional folk art to which the English today refer in relation to modern folk art or folk animation, including some types of folk art that are also called word art in these definitions.

This process, which reached its peak in the 60's, has to be distinguished from the newer derivations of traditional music. In the past there have been many small rebirths of folk music, although this term does not fit in with the new forms of music that have emerged in these times of rebirth. For these new musical genres terms like Folk Rocks, Folk Metals, Forgressive Folk, Indie Folk and others are better used, which underlines their origin.

Folk can not be defined as the melodic lines written today, which are therefore part of pop folk and much of the folk that is confused with the elaboration of archaic songs is instead the work of an author. In the Italian language, the term folk is often misused as a synonym for folk or traditional folk medicine, which refers instead to folk medicine written in the language of the people and designed for the people, understood as "of general appreciation, widespread, popular".

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