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Comra folk music from Georgia today. The Appalachian Mountains - Hispanic music - today's folk music. Vibo Valentia College of Music - Concerts today in Calabria. Pop folk music with male and female lead vocals in Switzerland. Ethnic group at Lake Garda, offering unreleased songs and covers.

Velvet folk music al Circoloff

The talented group Sambene (which in Sardinian means SANGUE, meaning passion and energy) was born in early 2015 as part of the Arslive Recanati music club. The group offers national repertoires (and not) that have a strong connotation of folk and dialect, but Italian music has much space and is played by 4 musicians: Veronica Vivani (voice and tambourine) Roberta Sforza (voice and choirs) Marco Sonaglia (voice, acoustic guitar and banjo) Emanuele Storti (accordion) under the artistic direction of Lucia Brandoni.

|| It' s the aim of the group to preserve the sometimes forgotten repertoires and at the same time to fill them with new life and to search for original sounds and arrangements. The group also suggests searching for popular roots in the repertoire of singer-songwriter nature and also proposes newly arranged songs by Modena City Ramblers, De Andrè, Bubola, etc.

The Samba also begin to produce new repertoires, musically inspired by folk music. The group attended lectures and seminars with Riccardo Tesi and Francesco Moneti (Modena City Ramblers) and presented several shows with the latter. In 2016 he was the only group to represent Central Italy at the Legnano (MI) Legnano annual and annual festivals dedicated to De Andrè.

on stage many specialists of American folk music events in Cesena

On Saturday, February 2nd, the Nebraska Association will present at the Teatro Comunale in Cesenatico: Bound für Glory live recording. 2. It is a concert dedicated to American folk music with various audiences, recorded to make an albums and a DVDs. Riccardo Maffoni and Eugenio Poppi will be on stage as guest performers. The Apertura will take place at 19.00, the concert at 21.00.

The Amendola Fair. Three days of folk music and folk dances events in Modena

From Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September, the Amendola Folk Festival takes place in Amendola Park, with folk music and dances for everyone. Together with some of the best bands. On Friday 31 August from 9 p.m. Sleego will be performed with contemporary folk music and Meridiani Clandestini with ethno-folk music or music from the south of the world.

On Saturday 1 September, from 8:30 p.m., it will be the turn of the famous ethylists to join the Italian people, the Americans and Irish, then the singer-songwriter Giulio Cantore and Almadira to conclude with the Multicultural Orchestra Apocalypto Fusione, which combines the popular tradition of southern Italy of pizzas and tarantelles with the smiles of the Arab world, the Cumbie of South America and much more.

Finally, Sunday 2 September at 6:30 pm, Suonabanda will be performed in a concert with the dancers and dancers of Manfurlina, with Bali detached from the popular tradition of Emilia, the Half CXarampana - Duo Bucci / valleys with folk dances of Romagna and the Bologna Apennines, the Apulian singer and songwriter Chiara Patronella with the accordion Nereo Fiori.

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