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The ultimate guide for Bedlam Rovers: biography, discography, reviews, links. Handbook for folk music collectors. Get the free Kindle book as a bestsellerIrish folk music download: You can read Lucia's most comprehensive list of artists and the complete album report here. The CD Reviews Combat Folk Vol. show a strong sense of lyricism, and "All's well that ends well" could even be called a ballad.

Story of rock music. Bedlam Rovers: autobiography, diskography, reviews, hyperlinks

The Bedlam Rovers belong to the San Francisco folk movement of the 90s, which is equally oriented towards the protest folk singer of the 60s and the 70s style of pop music. The group' sounds are inspired by the 10,000 Maniacs and the Cowboy Junkies, with Caroleen Beatty as Merchant/Timmons, but it's closer to a British folk that thinks of Richard Thompson and Billy Bragg.

However, for the first record Frothing Green (Heyday, 1990) the group directed and stood up for the cause of the 60's song Frothing Green (Heyday, 1990) (objectivity). Without renouncing beautiful melodies (title track), aggressive guitars (Recycle Or Die), a rhythmic section almost Ska and above all the magic violin of Cynthia Wigginton, Bedlam Rovers had dedicated themselves to civil purposes.

Preceded by the 10" Roll Over (Spirit), with the weak Scream, the second Wallow record (Spirit, 1993) adds spices of shka and quadrille and above all an almost Hardrock feeling. After Jeremy O'Doughaill, the main composer, Marko "Soapbox" Sakmann (singer and guitarist) lost his power, and the tone became heavier and more dissonant, following the Mekons (Big Drill) with the most striking ska-sounds (Difference).

The Bedlam Rovers represented an original variant of San Francisco folk pop with the X-valley (from which they sometimes copied blatantly). Bedlam Rovers were part of the San Francisco folk scene of the 90s, which was equally influenced by the 60s folk singers and 70s Punkrock. Influenced by the Cowboy Junkies and 10,000 male geniuses, with Caroleen Beatty as Merchant/Timmons, the group's sounds are really more reminiscent of a UK folk song reminiscent of Richard Thompson and Billy Bragg.

"The " Well " was released on a locally released collection, Evouring Our Ruots - San Francisco's New-Folk Uprising; (Alias, 1990), and proposed a " Celt " group that would imitate the Pogues with enthusiasm. but for the first record Frothing Green (Heyday, 1990) the bands turned the tide and recorded the thing of the 60' s hippie protest song ("Objectivity"). Bedlam Rovers continued to devote themselves to civic concerns and civic activity.

Ahead of the 10" "Roll Over", (Spirit), The 2 nd Wallow Albums (Spirit 1993) add seasonings and snake quadrille and surpass an almost harsh skirt finish as seen on "Scream". Simultaneously the sounds of the group shift, becoming harder and more disgusting in the emulation of The Mekons ("Big Drill"), but also with even more striking shka drops ("Diffrence").

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