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We play the greatest Italian folk music. Liscio e Folk Radio broadcasts various types of new hip-hop, classical, dance, electronic, etc. music. Live broadcast of Radio Liscio e Folk from Italy. We present you the best Folk Music Radio App with live streams of the latest radio stations from all over the world.

Stream the best folk music from the USA and around the world directly to your iPhone or iPod.

Study pop music - Richard Middleton

by radio and recordings that were distributed nationwide and to all social classes. "Folk " Folk art, in folk music and contemporary sounds, a curea di W. Ferris and M. L. Hart, Great Britain, Milton.... from folk songs, in Funk and Wagner's standard dictionary of folklore, mythology.....

Radio & Co. " Capacity

That' all, folks! Radio program from The Roost (, which will be doubled this year and streamed to Radio Volume ( at the same time. Internet radio, stories, improvisations, interviews. This is all Folks! is a laboratory for experiments, comparisons and artistic and professional growth. And the radio always has its, to say the least.

It' s about immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the radio show, getting to know its protagonists and instruments, seeing their mixes, tricks and everything else. Andrea a gardare la radio. That' all people! loves to play music and every date is enriched with a guest artist line-up, interviews, experiments, stories, extra guest and above all a lot of music.

Musician people. If we know what it is, folk music. From Waikiki Beach you can listen to the radio program of Graziano Staino.

Indie/Folk Music e speettacolo Teatrale (Theatre)

PfINETTA MARENGO - Second date of "Pupille hits Civale" for good music, beer and entertainment. The Pupille Gustative and the Civil Brewery Spinatta Marengo are delighted and proud to welcome the Queen of the new American Folk Zoe Boekbinder, who will be accompanied on this occasion by the show "Gran Café Cantante" of the Teatro del Rimbombo in a thrilling show of music and variety.

A unique artistic perfomance that unites eleven actors and two musicians in the premises. We invite you to experience a high emotional content thanks to the presence of all participating artists and the selection of beers selected for the occasion.

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