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"'L'inverno necessario" in Folk Music Magazine, Stephen J. Mallory. The Tradizionale Italiana, the most important award for Italian folk music. The Berklee International Folk Music Festival is a music festival in Boston, USA. The last interview of the season before the summer break I wrote for the magazine www.

ladomenicadivicenza about Folk Metal music. La municipal més musical!

Other folk tales about volksmusik

Dylan was called a "rock minstrel" because he brought the tradition of folk music into contemporary popular music, to a level of success that artists and writers like Woody Guthrie, a true master of Dylan, had not achieved. Folk music is therefore the expression of traditional folk music, which has entered the international commercial cycle of popular and popular music.

The traditional date for the beginning of this new age is Dylan and his famous 1965 electric guitar debut at the Newport Folk Music Special dedicated to Newport. Prior to the electric guitar of Like a Rolling Stone, Dylan himself only used classical or acoustic guitar, especially for ballads like Blowind in the Winds.

After Dylan, of course, the genre exploded and epigones were born both in the American and English scene, with episodes also in Europe. Folk music performers have often been confused with traditional music and singer-songwriters, especially as performers and writers have never reached new heights.

This applies not only to Dylan, but also to Leonard Cohen, to Brassens and in Italy to the most sought-after and above-average authors such as Fabrizio De André. Folk music is characterized by the following features: the themes of protest related to social themes. The great ability of a folk music writer is to tell an individual story that touches the strings of an entire generation and becomes representative of an era or general feeling.

Seldom has Bob Dylan made explicit community appeals. He always preferred to tell the story of his characters. Songs like Desolation Row with its strange protagonists are like collections of brief tales in which Dylan reads his time but always starts from individual histories. His best legacy in the American music tradition is undoubtedly Bruce Springsteen, who emanates from these roots, more urban than the deep Midwest from which Dylan comes to explore the changes of his country.

Fabrizio De André used the same expressive channel in Italy, telling individual stories, painting solid portraits up to complex philosophical and historical narratives, as in La Domenica de Salme, in which he can describe in the space of a song, accompanied by a folk guitar, the fear of our country at the time of maximum change (between the first and second republic).

The presence of traditional guitars and instruments, often acoustic, sometimes electric, in order to form a dry group, which renounces the effects typical of musical studies, but with a production that develops to maximum performance over time. They are often more individual authors than bands, as if the figure of the singer/interpreter/poet solitaire interprets better and is more suited to telling the surrounding universe than a volume that produces an energetic sound and often produces a sound that is the result of different sensitivities.

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