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Italian Reggae/Folk/Ska artists I have heard. This is a list of Canadian musicians. Unfortunately there are currently no upcoming events on the subject of folk music. Sicilian folk music, Neapolitan music. Folk, feminine fashion, popular, folk music, people.

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Mostly folk melodies played by choirs and ensembles of different instruments. The Mondine di Villa Garibaldi Catalog Record Only Albatros: 8231 (on container: 8231). Titles on the container: Programme memos and words in German with 7 p. translation in a box.

Catalogue plate Only mainly for unaccompanied male choir; arranged by Fausto Amodel. Choir of the Circolo musician A. R. C. I. "A. Toscanini" from Turin; Enrico Lini, Dirigent. Added Pummarola schwarz Catalog Record Only Program Memos. Music of the Calabria Catalog Record Only Field recorded mainly by Goffredo Plastino between 1983 and 1993 at various sacred feasts in the Calabria area of Italy.

Text with fluent translation into German and German and program memos by Goffredo Plastino in German with fluent translation into German and German (31 p.: Fig., 1 map) in carton. Miners of the Valtrompia catalogue only register Albatros: 8237 (on container: VPA 8237 RL). Titles on the container: Programme memos and words of song with translation of spoken words in German (3 p.) in a cassette.

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Music of the South Italia

Songs of love, songs of rebellion against the oppressor, songs of the underworld; fiery drums that make you dance, exorcise the evil of life and drive death away by the bite of the spider. All this with the cry of "Mama... li turchi!", a cry of fear for the peoples of Salento at the arrival of the ships led by the cruel Ottoman invaders.

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