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Falschonyou is in love with folk music and especially with artists like John Frusciante and Justin Vernon. It' easy, just download the Folk Music App! Sounds like a folk song. This musical project aimed at exploring, reproducing and disseminating ancient traditional music from Campania and southern Italy. For Banhart, who was also a visual artist, the latter were of particular interest.

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The Si cantata Maggio is a project by Ambrogio Sparagna for the OPI Orchestra Popolare Italiana of the Auditorium Parco del Musica in Rome, the Coro Popolare under the direction of Anna Rita Colaianni and the exceptional participation of Mimmo Locasciulli. The Vola lu Cardiac is an original show dedicated to Abruzzo, 10 years after the earthquake in L'Aquila and the earthquake in.....

Migration - World 'n' Folk Music

Born in 2008 from an idea by Davide Roberto and Emilio Quaglieri. Originally, the group was founded with the intention of reviving the traditional Southern Italian folk repertoire, as the name "Migala" derives from the surname of Giuseppe Mighali, the famous speaker of the popular musical culture of Salento, known as "Pino Zimba".

The group then embarked on a musical journey in which ethnic sounds (Afro-Mediterranean, Balkan, Roman and Irish) meet the popular sounds of southern Italy, combining the different musical backgrounds of the members of the group and seeking a personal interpretation of folk music and global music in a increasingly "global village" environment.

In this way, Migala wants to build a cultural bridge between the different styles of music in order to express a "culture of peace and encounter between peoples". The Migala Festival connects ethnical music (Afro-Mediterranean, Balkan, Latino, Irish...) with the sound of the music traditions of southern Italy and searches for a unique way of interpreting folk music and global music, in a more and more "global village" environment.

Migala's name is tied to the name of Pino Zimba: renowned... songwriter and "Tamburello" performer from Salento, who passed away in 2008. "Mighali " comes from the term "Migala", which in the Greek Salentina means a kind of tartan. It is the main symbol of the South Italian culture known as "Tarantism".

This group was formed in early 2008 by Davide Roberto and Emilio Quaglieri, student of musicology at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. Originally formed with the aim of re-interpreting the folk music of southern Italy, the group is shifting its interest in global music and the creativity offered by the fusion of different ethnical sounds.

This way we can use the different art forms of the members and combine different musical genres, cultural traditions and lifestyles. We also interpret contemporary folk music from southern Italy like "pizzica", "taranta", "tarantella" and "tammurriata". It is our intention to conduct continual research and experiments in order to merge these different noises.

At Migala we try to build a link between the different genres of music in order to create a "culture of peace". Winners of the World Music Network Wattle Of The in Great Britain! World Music Network Uk announces winners of World Music Network Uk! The album " Migala - World'n' Folk Music" represents our journey and the 2008 started journey, which tries to connect ethnic sounds with the traditional ones of our southern Italy.

Our very own rendition of folk and cosmopolitan music. "This is our first record, Migala - Word'n' Folk Music", a trip that began in 2008 and combines ethnical music with the sounds of the southern Italian tradition. This is our own individual performance of folk music and word music.

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