Folk Music 2016

Traditional Music 2016

The Roma Folk Festival, all music is folk music! ada have given the baton for the second edition of the Roma Folk Festival to many artists. Broadcast on Radio Broadband on Friday, 30.12.2016 at 22:00.

The Folk Club Züri lives folk music Zurigo Svizzera. Moonlight, a traditional people's riargiato by Bob Dylan.

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Videos of popular Italian music and music from all over the world. Traditional dances, folk dances, tartantella, pizzica, tenor singing, accordion, accordion, mandolin, bagpipes, cancellations and traditional stories. Lanfranchi sings on guitar, with Cate on guitar and Sergio on guitar, in "Mary Lou". Documentation: Meeting with Antonio Piccininno, historical voice of the Cantori di Carpino.

Piccininno was an Italian singer who mainly performed traditional Carpingan songs. In the small mountain village of Pusdosso, kissed by the sun, sounds the beautiful song of Maslana, passionately animated by Cate on the guitar and Sergio on the Fair.

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Opening of the taverns in the charming cave cellars of Via Monastero with tasting of typical local products. Guided tour of the historical centre: Cathedral, churches of Santa Lucia, Annunziata, San Biagio. All at the table opening taverns, in the picturesque cave cellars of the Via Monastero with tourist lunch with typical local products. Opening and tasting of roasted chestnuts by "D Cumba Angl" visit of the cooperative Rapolla Fiorente "Tasting of bread and oil in oil mill".

The music-loving people

One of the most intense and fruitful cultural processes in the history of Italy was the reanimation of folk music in the 60s and 70s. Promoted and represented, among others, by the Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano, the Almanacco Popolare, the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, the Canzoniere del Lazio, which was theorized by scientists such as Roberto Leydi, Gianni Bosio, Michele Straniero and Diego Carpitella, it was a movement that was able to reconcile ethnomusicological research, protest instances, musical traditions, interpretations and innovations.

The Italian awakening, however, did not end with the extraordinary twenty-year period: contrary to the dominant thesis, it is still a phenomenon of great dynamism. Goffredo Plastino has collected in this monumental work documents, essays, interviews and detailed studies that reflect the richness, complexity and many controversies of this musical and intellectual event.

The book gives readers the opportunity to resume the debate on unforgettable shows such as Bella biao, the Turin Folk Festival and television programmes such as Adesso musicala and Canzonissima; follows the artistic, ideological and executive decisions of the great historical protagonists - Caterina Bueno, Giovanna Marini, Eugenio Bennato, Antonio Infantino, Otello Profazio, Riccardo Tesi and groups like the Gruppo Padano di Piadena, Cantovivo or E' Zezi di Pomigliano d'Arco - in order to bring to life the current renewal of traditional dances like the Piizzica and the Cantovivo or musical instruments like the accordion and the accordion.

Folk music is a comprehensive investigation ranging from repertoires and styles to record productions and live performances, with particular emphasis on the interactions between folk music and folk music and their interdependence with economic, social and cultural changes. A band that offers several perspectives to hear and appreciate the folk resurrection of past and present, indispensable for anyone who wants to understand a lively, composite and surprising Italian music scene.

Story, protagonists and documentations of renaissance in Italia (2016) and Cosa Nostra Social Club. The Mafia, Mallavita and Music in Italy (2014).

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