Folk Festival Hours

Opening hours of the festival

6 hours of lessons divided into 4 shifts and 4 rooms at the same time. Wellcome to the second edition of the Controllers' Music Festival. Octoberfest (beer festival, public festival) Munich, Germany. So we can define the Ariano Folk Festival. Our festival hosts the best folklore groups from all over the world, bringing together dances and cultures from all over the world.

Turm Festival

DJ show Blonde Pitbull. Open the gates and start SBRONZE at 2pm. The explosive icing on the cake is Blonde PitBull, host of the event's Blonde PitBull, who will be our host throughout the day, a DJ dancing to the best hits and a performing artist stirring up our senses with the vicious irony of LES SITES SHOW, the powerful revolution on the fringes of the most powerful music.

It'?s a birthday present in Umaggio! It'?s a birthday present in Umaggio! I' m 3 birds in Omaggio! The Tower Fest starts at 2 pm with the first Happy Hour and Dj sets. The show and music never stop at Tower Fest, thanks to Blonde Pitpull, who will be the hostess and entertain you with her special DJ kit throughout the event.

Blonde Pitpull will perform in his show "les suites show" from 6 pm on. Throughout the event, kiosks with draught beer and draught beer, suckling pig and various sandwiches will be at your disposal. You can also buy the merchandising articles of the bands and the organizing club as well as the sponsors. The event will be fully recorded on video and the event will be a tribute to the participating bands, sponsors and purchased in the coming days at the club's headquarters.

There will be many side activities, including 3 happily hours (14:00, 18:00, 24:00) with drinks at reduced prices!


It' gonna be confusing sometimes, it' gonna be strange sometimes, and sometimes... it's gonna be scary. That trip will be extremly frank and themes like: Friendliness, dreams, family, life, fear, God... and obviously the total of all these things: SWEETHEART: SWEETHEART. This is an interactive movie with music by Piacenza's Manuel Bongiorni / Musica Per Bambini (Label Trovarobato), drawings by Beneventos painter Stefano Donatiello and a photo by Alessandro Morese on the night of San Lorenzo.

The photo was taken in Trevico (AV).

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