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and Danças do Mundo. Every event; Be a folk festival. Below is an incomplete list of local festivals, fairs and costume events. Complete list of concerts, gastronomic festivals, congresses, art exhibitions, meetings, theatre season and events in Cortona and surroundings.

A regional music event related to the Umbria Regional Folk Festival, music from Italy and the world, gastronomy, handicrafts of the Italian folk tradition.


Beschreibung: BEIEN FOLK! It is a festival that takes place on 14 and 15 July 2018 in Piana Crixia. Become a people! Play with the landscape, raise it up and challenge it: how much wealth and culture is hidden behind the paths of forests and ploughed fields? And how many new riches can the campaign accommodate and take over?

Become a people! He answers these questions by bringing together music, performances, local producers and craftsmen, Valbormidian artists and national artists, experts in holistic disciplines and experts in the region, rural and urban musicians to celebrate with joy and irony a "bifolke" culture full of treasures and increasingly open to the world, the complexity of everything.

Become a people! It is also an invitation to experience the beauty of nature, landscapes and earth, offering excursions, classes inoga, art workshops, meetings and outdoor activities for all, with the intention of rediscovering the great natural, cultural and gastronomic riches that surround these places. So be the people! And we assure you that you will not regret it!


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