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folk album reviews

This is Exuma, an album by Exuma. Loose La Track and Malestro follow a melodic genre between folk and punk. That's the question Mumford & Sons have been asking since the release of their penultimate album, Wilder Mind. Her style is folk with influences from country and pop music. Its music is an intoxicating mixture of pop, jazz, folk and blues.

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Exactly one year after the release of our first album entitled "Gira, Vota and Firrìa", we would like to propose you a new concert / event entitled "Milli Culura" to show you how much new and different we have created. Starting from the tracks of our album, we tell the story of Sicily and its "Milli culura" with a repertoire to be discovered that has the red thread "L'Amuri", the love for a beloved woman, the love for one's own country, the love for an idea with hope and the great desire to reach it.

During the show, Silvio Schembri (from "Le Iene"), Graziano Mossuto and the Associazione Filarmonica "Santa Cecilia" from Agrigento will take part in addition to this large formation. There will be many other surprises which, of course, we cannot reveal now, but which you can discover when you arrive at the Teatro "Luigi Pirandello" in Agrigento on Thursday 30 May at 21:00.

Italservice Liotta srl" by Riccardo Liotta and Tipografia "Maira" by Paolo Vella, the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment of the Region of Sicily and the Municipality of Agrigento for their patronage, as well as all our partners: At this point you only have to say one thing: WE SEE THE 30th MAP OF MAY AT THEATRE PIRANDELLO!!!!!!!!!!

Girly - See you when the fascists are beaten.

As part of what Girless And The Orphan, a melodic genre between folk and punky, had characterized, the new album of Girless See You When Fazism Is Warped for To Losse La Track and Malestro was released on April 1, 2019. After the previous records and the kilometres that he covered with the original tape on the road, Tommaso of Viserbas coast collects again his ideas in 8 songs written with acoustic guitar to record a record, mainly folk.

The starting point of the album this time is the decision to pay homage to a legend in American history in 1900 as Woody Guthrie, one of the most important folk singers in the history of American music and a great influence on artists such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Joe Strummer.

Voice, guitar and a little more respect for the style that this artist wants to maintain in these pure and simple songs that make us understand how much it allows us to convey serenity and discomfort at the same time. A remarkable rehearsal for a literally solo album. The melodies seem to want to hide the feelings under the carpet, to let some stories leak out, those stories you repeat in your head when you sit at a counter and start drinking determinedly.

The soul of this album is distorted and sad, a bit like the Neutral Milk Hotel, with a more introspective cut. With his guitar Girless gives us emotions and reflections, not through a nostalgic revision, but with a record based on the voice and a meaningful writing. It urges the attention of lovers of the folk song in Bonnie Prince Billy, who free themselves in the creation of melodies that are often intimate, and stories in which the text becomes cinematic.

My name is Elena, I am a student at the University of Bologna and I have always been passionate about music.

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