First Punk Rock Band

The first Punk Rock Band

This is my suggestion: Read the first part (here) and then read this. Can you name some new bands that you really love? Band Metal, Rock Roll, Hard Rock, Black Metal. lndiebox Music Artist First - #LOBELLO #PUNKROCK. In Trinakristan there is a new musical recipe: a solid mixture of Balkan beats, rock,.


In Vidia the punk rock of the Americans Me First and the Gimme Gimmes events in Cesena.

The Vidia Club will be ignited on Saturday with the double concert of the American bands Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and The Flatliners. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes are without a doubt the most famous all-star punk rock supercover band in the world. Not only because it includes themes like Fat Mike by NOFX and Joey Cape and Dave Raun by Lagwagon, but above all because the ironic and unscrupulous way in which they face and desecrate every song makes it unmistakable.

The evening's particular guests are the Canadian punk rock band The Flatliners under Fat Wreck Chords, who have been active since 2002. The doors) open at 20:30, with the start of the flatliner concert at 22:00 ');

Details about the new ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES LP

On March 13th, the next Fat Wreck will be "Are We Not Man? Punkrock band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. The main theme of the record will be Divas: All songs are covers of some of the most important women of world music (Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Madonna...) who have been transformed into punk rock keys by the world's most famous covering band.

The album in question will be the successor of "Have Another Ball" in 2008 and the EP "Sing In Japanese" in 2011. Stay up to date with all the latest information directly in your mailbox!


Viboras was born in September 2003, a few months after the meeting of the band members on the Berenice Beach Berenice Videoset ( already band of Sal and Beppe ) "Jennifer": at that time the protagonist of the videos, and Gio, director, immediately find the emotion of the guitarist Sal, who proposes to form a new group and ask Beppe to join the project.

In 4 months the band composes and records a demonstration at Malibu in Milan, "We Bite", and after a short look for a record company they join the list of Ammonia Records and record the album "Wrong" at the famous West Link Studio in Thailand at the turn of the year. Since then the band has been touring Italy, Austria and Spain, participating in punk festivals like Eastpak Etnika Rock and the first edition of Rock in Idro and sharing stages with historic names like Toy Dolls, Darkest Hour, Punkreas, Derozer, Pornoriviste, Alberto Camerini.

During the composition of the second record Irene Viboras takes part in songs by Thee STP, Punkreas and J-AX: The latter with the 2.5 million views of the Three Ducks and the subsequent sell-out at the MTV TRL Awards and at Live Club opens the band to a wide audience with gender-neutral musical tastes.

In 2010 the members decide to put the band on stand-by to focus on personal artistic projects, but the absence of the entity "Viboras" is felt by all: after the final release of "We Are With You Again" in 2015 they start the operation and composition again and the years of the break bring out "Eleven", the third recording recorded with 33Hz Frank Altare studios.

The Viboras were sired in September 2003, just a few month after the band members' Love-at-First-Sight meeting on Berenice Beach's Jennifer sets (Sal and Beppe's former band video): Immediately lrene, protagonist of the film and Gio, stage manager, felt the moment of truth with Sal, who proposed to form a new band and soon asked Beppe to participate in the work.

The band composed and recorded a demonstration at Milan's Malibu studios "We Bite" in four month's time, and after a short look for a record company Ammonia Record's first record, "Wrong", was recorded at the prestigious West Link Studios in Pisa just one year after its founding. The band then toured Italy, Austria and Spain to famous punk festival like Eastpak Etnika Rock and the very first Rock in Idro and shared the stage with unforgettable artists like Toy Dolls, Darkest Hour, Punkreas, Derozer, Pornoriviste, Alberto Camerini.

As the second record is being written, Irene Viboras plays in Thee STP, Punkreas and J-AX to name a few: the latter with the 2.5 million viewers for the "Tre Paperelle" movie and the following sold-out shows at the MTV TRL Awards and Live Club, the band opens up to a wide, non-genre audience.

The year 2015 will see the resumption of liveshows and compositions, and the years of stand-by will be turned into "Eleven", the third recording of a recording session recently made at Frank Altare's 33Hz studios.

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