Fast Punk Songs

Quick punk songs

Human League release their first single "Being Boiled" with Fast Product. This is obviously a collection of Halloween songs made by punk rock bands. There are all kinds of punk rock bands represented. Sings about Amore and Revolution (Political Rock Punk from Italy) Coming from Bavaria, I Kissed Captain Hook are a punk hardcore band right in the face: Start of the season of crazy rock and local punk rock.

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Not much time has passed - about ten months - since the release of the first chapter of the adventure Moby & the Void Pacific Choir...but the time was obviously ripe for a new record of this project by 51-year-old Richard Melville Hall (alias Moby, actually). This " More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse" is another beautiful direct in full face, who doesn't defeat the discourse started with the previous album and perhaps refines it even further: We are in the presence of a collection of compositions, which are extremely energetic, muscular, tense, filled with punk and post-punk, sometimes angry, sometimes deliciously dancing - without ever being shamelessly commercial.

In short, you can feel that the good Richard - as known - had acquaintances with reference to the punk scene in the USA, because punk (although not in its most stereotypical and shallowest form) is an important part of this project. So let's enjoy (I confess: summer helps us to hear) these nine splinters that cross a tone with roots that sink into the bottom of the nervous and masterly post-punk of Mission Of Burma, in the schizoid energy of the never too revered (and criminally forgotten) screamers, in the impulse of certain hardcores born in the Washington area in the shadow of Dischord Records, but also in the best new waves of New Order/Joy Division.

The lyrics are as committed as Moby knows (and Trump's choice has only intensified his polemical view), the music makes you dance and rest, but with a touch of lightness that doesn't hurt to carry the message that touches issues from US politics to animal rights, from veganism to anti-racism, from women's rights to environmental protection.

Lively as Punk, captivating as the most successful Electro/New Well, enjoyable as the best Hard Rock and - ok, I'll say it - also a Thread-Tamarra that never hurts.

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