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High-speed punk bands

The following night, members of Sex Pistols and a new British punk rock band, The Clash, attended another Fast Four concert. Fast moving, tearing skirt from the drum sensation Kye Smith. The punks heard Patti Smith, Television and Suicide. I can't get to Flamin'go Beach fast enough! It is also thanks to young bands like them that punk rock is alive.

Stripping: Quick animals and slow children - Album

The new Fast Animals And Slow Kids Disc will be called UBRIS non IBRIS, pronounced UBRIS-HYBRIS. It is a record that was recorded in November 2012 in a house by a lake located in one of these places where a child can be well educated. It is a record of people who appreciate themselves and wanted to make it by living together for many days.

It is a record in the name of friendship because it is made with the tools, the advice and the energy of dear friends. It is a record that speaks of death, violence, loneliness, memories, brotherhood, unfulfilled dreams. It is a very warm record, but she doesn't want to teach anything; she just wants to tell something, like when a glass fills up and then empties several times a day.

It is a record that must be metabolized, that must be heard at least once from beginning to end, because the songs it consists of are closely connected. It' s a different record from the previous one because it' s more overwhelming, more epic and darker. It' a record made mainly for ourselves to hide nothing more, especially our musical roots.

It'?s a record with a smile on 34 teeth, two broken. It' a record that is the best Fast Animals And Slow Kids can do right now, and they hope with all their heart that you will enjoy it as much as they do. It is a recording created in collaboration with WoodWorm, Toloselatrack and Audioglobe.

L'anima punk-rock den Fast Animals & Slow Kids.

On Friday, March 9th, one of the most interesting evenings of recent times took place in the Magazzini Generali in Milan: one of the most interesting evenings of the year: Peru's Fast Animals & Slow Kids are the umpteenth ones booked out for this last Maybe it's not concert and to be the forerunner for the evening we find our friends Andead. The evening immediately warms up with the punk of Andrea and his companions, who begin with I See These Bombs, the first excerpt from their latest record IV The Underdogs, and continue with their classic incessant rhythm and lyrics full of social themes, keeping the tenor of the evening high from the beginning.

At 22:15, in perfect time, the headliners of the evening appear on stage. The last person to enter the stage is Aimone Romizi, the legendary front man of FASK, who wears a "very imaginative" flower shirt. They immediately start in fourth place with one of the most beautiful tracks on their last album, Forse Non E' La Felicità: Annabelle.

Right at the beginning of the concert Aimone juggles very well in stage diving thanks to a mattress thrown by a Galliard boy in the audience and immediately reminds of his old-school temperament. During the concert, tracks from all the quartet's albums will be proposed, ending with the track of the same name from the last record Forse è Non La Felicità.

In our opinion such concerts should really be there more often to show that Italian music really has pearls that are worth following, especially live.

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