European Punk Bands

Punk Bands in Europe

Several European punks had wildly unorthodox views about the genre. I see Flowers" is released on the compilation "Punk in Europe" in Slovakia. Deutschland (Festival of Cultures and European Summer Festival). See here the new video of the legendary punk band The Adicts for the song "Picture The Scene". A new video of Danny Trejo and European Tour!

Europe Tour 2016

They will bring more loads than ever before to Europe and back here in ZONE K after two years of not being on the European stages! The exclusive date is Tuesday, May 10th, in a new place and place that divides into two parts, just outside the city of Ferrara, namely at the Circolo Arci Zone K in Malborghetto di Boara (FERRARA).

Together with them there will be two more bands on stage that really split up, Dr. Zaius and X-State Ride! Therefore you will be expected to a massive amount of hard-core punk nights of those who are not easy to forget! - Ticket: - 12 EUROS - Arci card obligatory and feasible on the spot on the same evening.

  • IMPORTANT: In order to avoid queues, with the capacity of not huge space, it is recommended to book the tickets by e-mail. - pro prenotare ir biglietti mandare email a: What's your response?

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Distortion, speed, anger, the right balance between innate class and Tamarraggine: This is the Aliens, a Roman group, who may not even notice how punk they are. Aliens play things near the first American hc, but without having studied. Extraterrestrials are just the opposite: dirty, lazy and imbecile.

The new hellish creatures that have been thrown out of Rome have a deliberately exaggerated look and suggest a "metallic" punk'n'roll played with granite hardness and breathtaking speed. The aliens beat like blacksmiths and have a singer who spits lyrics (in Italian) with such acidity that we risk neck and almonds.

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Fifteen jewels that have written music history have been literally knocked over by 15 of the world's best punk bands. Starting the album with the "Latin" WHENEVER, WHEREVER, WHEREVER of the queen SHAKIRA, the Milanese OUT OF DATE visited it again and corrected it with a punk style melody. This is followed by the historical THE FINAL COUNTDOWN of the EUROPE, proposed to us again by the Japanese NICOTINE.

MADBONES ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID by TATU turn into a real piece of junk music, full of pure punkround-energy. There is also a tribute, also in cinematic format, to the kings of punk, the mishfits, which are covered by ME FOR RENT. A total of 15 tracks to relive so many musical milestones in an alternate key.

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