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English punk rock group articles, including: Punk' translation in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. I' m actually from punk rock. Our model is inspired by British punk as a social, cultural and musical revolution! News dead neck, punk rock vacation.

ll punk rock? It'?s the white kids' blue!

During the Rebellion Punk Festival 2015 (6.-7.-, Blackpool-UK, Winter Gardens) we will meet Charlie Harper, mythical and stainless seventy-year-old front man of the British punk SUBS: "We will meet him during the Rebellion Punk Festival 2015 (6.-7.-, Blackpool-UK, Winter Gardens) in the room dedicated to punk art at the Rebellion Festival, surrounded by his pictures. She' s kind of a punk rock legend today. I' m just recording those old songs that we used to go to clubs and listen to bands like that.

I started playing in a skirtabilly rockin' act and also did my own songs. I started with the blue. It was the sixties and there were a lot of bands doing blue and r'n'r and I played the harmonica in a lot of bands....... Before he became a singer in a group, he also played the harmonica, but he couldn't do that with the harmonica (laughs).... let's say he was a very good singer, absolutely brilliant.

Like punk, the blue and the red are the same! They are very similar, a parallel... I always say that punk rock is the white children's blue one! From the beginning I also play the harmonica in the UK SUBS and this has shaped the sound of the group. All our fans love it and even our producer asks us to play the harmonica in some songs and for this reason we sometimes have to memorize a song with the harmonica in two minutes.

You can compose a song for blue in two minutes, just like a punk song... in two minutes! F.C. - What is the original name of the group? A. M. - If yes, what is the difference between Punk 77 and the current Punk? Still today there are many interesting new bands like RMI and AMI, the group of my grandson (Marley Perez, guitar and vocals).

Many young bands play powerful and fast, but for me it's just rock'n'roll. I don't write because I think it's punk! A punk song, when it is born, must have a purpose and a message, whether it is slow or fast. Actually, when you think of a song like Warhead, it's pretty slow...the audience accepts everything, but it has to have a message!

Become part of the song: You give a hint from above and they know the melody, they know the rhythm... and the audience becomes part of the group. It always surprised us, and the others of the group that I don't know, but... I want to fly! F.C. - What would you recommend to a young group? Hi SOONO various american bands......

he' like another member of the group. We' re going to the Willacked Festival and I would like to go back to Italy and also make some dates in Milan and Reggio Emilia. Also Sonics, Pixies, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin; Neil Young and all the bands of the West Coast, Willy Gauffries, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Debbie Harry, Neil Young and Pixies, a great musical choice.

F.C. - Che ne Pensa del Rebellion Festivals? The best ever event. Charlie Harper shows us his paintings in Punk Art, the space for punk artists. WITH CHARLIE HARPER (UK SUBS): "Punk rock is children's music! "Charlie Harper, the British front man of the Rebellion 2015 in Art Punk Place, will be joined by his own picture that drinks many jars of rain.

It' really a real treat to have met you today. You' re some kind of punk rock legends today..... {y)... {y:i}(jokes with him). Starting to care for very young, but not really play around 15/16, I began to play very young when I was in college with my buddies basketball, freesing and I was learning from them and I began to sunbathe.

They see that we all went to nightclubs and saw rocksabilly groups, so I actually went out and got a respectable guitars, the stolen guitars using a bottleneck that I chose and that was beautiful and noisy. In the beginning I was playing blue and it's my kind of solos, but I do a lot of British subs.

FC: What did your folks think about your love for it? That' s in the sixties, when there were a bunch of blue and r'n'be groups and I was playing around the mouth organ in a bunch of blue and r'n'be groups. It'?s not different! It' s the same, really similar, a parallels.

Think punk rock is kid's fucking albums. Since the off I have also been playing in UK Subs Amonica and just changing the sounds of the group. Our admirers all liked it and even our producers wanted us to perform the Amonica in certain tunes and sometimes we had to do an Amonica with my guitars in 2mins.

Well, it's not a straight line, it's the same thing. So you can be riding punk rock in two-minute! Okay... but if you take too much of your own sweet talk, you put too many words in one track and it becomes a hop track....

I mean, you can pee in a restroom, and a tune would come to mind. It' fun because there are a lots of comfortable things in the bathrooms and I did a tune in the bathrooms namedathroom. If you' re in the bath, you take the crap or shave... in some kind of harmony with the rest of the family.

After the sheeting it's like yoga, it's soothing, and you begin your imagination reaching your mind. Whose route is it? Perhaps about the situation of young men and women. Guys leave guys girl, a guy likes guys or a guy likes guys... guy... the goverment... not about prime minister...... We have a tune about the Prime Minister.

It'?s the truth. FC: What is the name of the group? Well, if so, what's the big deal about the punk between 77 and today's punk? Today there are many new interesting groups, like my granddaughter (Marley Perez, rythm and vocals ), my granddaughter (RMG), my friend (AMG), my son gwriter (AMG), my son (RMG), my son (RMG), my son (RMG), my son (RMG), my son (RMG), my new girlfriend (RMG), my new granddaughter (RMG), my new granddaughter (RMG), my new granddaughter (RMG)......

And I think they could be the futures of rock and roller. A lot of young groups are playing tough and quick and for me it's just rock and roll. What I like most is that it's just rock and roll. It' s a lot of fun. I' m not writing any tunes because I think this is a punk tune..... If a punk shows up, it should have a purpose and it should make meaning, it doesn't make any difference whether it's a slower or a faster one.

Actually, a very popular track like Warhead is a rather sluggish track...people accept everything, but it has to make a difference, FC: What is your favorite one? It is a joy to have such a basis of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people supporting you. It'?s unbelievable. It' gonna be part of the song:

They know the tune, they know the rhythm....and the guys become part of the group. It' astonishing... children are jumping into the hole. Good Ramones... it always amazed us and the bands don't know... I want to go! FC: What are you proposing to a new group?

It' s a weeks I won't be touching a single instrument and maybe I'll be writing another one now. There' some bands in America.... It'?s the tune. It'?s the tune of a fairy. I like backing vocals. I like backing. Add background singing to a tune, I suggest... It's another member of a group. You like Italy?

FC: What about Italians? When you hear your favorite tunes, what's the tune you like? FC: What about the Rebellion Festival? Best festival ever. It'?s very bright. We' re going to make a documental on video tape, a movie with soundtrack. FC: The fugitives... what do you think of the fugitives' state?

In my music I talk about slavery and trafficking. It' s like the Third Word war because people choose politicians and religious belief is just an excuse. What is it?

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