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Strike Anywhere is one of the best realities of the international punk scene and I don't think anyone doubts it. They embody the essence of what I have always considered PUNK: music full of energy, power and anger combined with lyrics of strong political-social impact coming directly from the streets. At first glance it seemed to me a perfect mixture of the Raw Power hard-core rage (live Thomas, the singer, remembers Raw Power's Mauro very strongly for his attitudes and physique) and the "politically" engaged anti-flag punk.

On this album everything was really condensed: speed and energy, punk and hard-core, political intelligence with introspective and in a way melancholic lyrics. The singer' s voice was able to move in a breathtaking way from melodic parts to strictly hard-core pieces, preserving determination and clarity for all the tracks on the album (and show).

Strike Anywhere, on the other hand, passes the test brilliantly and produces an record that leaves nothing to be desired from its predecessor. Despite the first record Thomas and the group " English exits " may search for more melody and rhythm, but without lacking energy and strength, qualities that have distinguished them from the punk scene and made them bitter and appreciated by the audience.

Bush-and his crazy politics are certainly a great source of inspiration for the group, which is not limited to sterile free attacks on the White House tenant, but tries to reveal their ideas through lyrics that are more abstract in a way, but more violent and aggressive for this reason.

The punk scene only has to admire similar bands that still manage to maintain their own integrity, coherence and ability to sustain the fire that animates the anti-fascist movement, which in a time like this must burn stronger and stronger, a flame that is more alive than ever, that no one will extinguish.

Certainly a great example for all the other bands of the toaster Jade Tree... The Strike Anywhere shows us that even if everyone now seems to be blinded by this ephemeral fashion of "emotional" punk and runs as a result of the "Emo-gay" bands, the difference between those who make music with soul, heart and eggs, and those who only know how to rip it, is there and always will be.

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