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Concerning early punk, there's not much from Italy worth being excited about (at least not what I heard). In the early 70s, when punk rock held up its prickly head, Marc Bell had the best place in the house. Vinyl itself should stay out of reach for most bands. MT was born in this environment, in the midst of the early San Francisco punk scene. New New Wave Noise PAPA ZINE Pop Punk Rock Sainté Ska rocksteady Early Reggae Surf Thrash Metal.

Punk Rock 20 (CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition)

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Those early day tunes are still there today! Sold last time: Mediana: Pù alto:

The Fallens Leuves - Punk Rock for Men (Parliament)

Mom songs purely simple for simple people. Fallen Leaves is one of the best kept secrets of English Rock'n'Roll, founded by Rob Symmons and Rob Green of Subway Sect more than ten years ago and always faithful in the spirit of self-production and punk style that is carved into the bark of simple and woody bands like Troggs, Who, Kinks, Downliners Sect, Cannibals, Headcoates, Vacants.

Chemiamano-lo punk skirt for gentlemen. Played punk rocking clubs just the way I like it.

Rock punk delicatessen from....

Coming from Caserta, Fucksups offer us an essential and extremely rough and exciting punk skirt with a pure 77 imprint. Listening to the 7 tracks of this MCD, I immediately thought of stylistic analogies with the very first Saints; both for the vocals, which were clearly inspired by Chris Bailey's; and because, as in the Saints of the "early demos" or "I'm Stranded", the structure of the various tracks is drawn by the rhythm section on a substrate of typical super-fast Rock'n'Roll.

After the opening of the title "Gimme Some You". Six Gun Cop" (supported by effective bass lines) and above all "Speedsex Superfuck", a really remarkable punk'n'roll song, which is as violent and tense as a Traci Lords of the " piggy " period show. The CD also contains two vintage covers: "Samurai" by San Francisco-based Czech Republic's Czech Republic's CRIME and " This Is Rock'n'Roll" by the legendary KIDS: a quote of merits for the second, performed in a truly explosive and powerful way.

So W le lo-fi rock'n'roll, KIDS, Devil, Traci Lords, Enrico Ghezzi, Koji Wakamatsu and Noboru Tanaka's lo-fi films and all those bands like FUCKUPS banging in the name of the old rock'n'roll bastard!

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