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Old folk music

Folk Music Project Sound Collections Archive. Although not without limitations, these early anthologies represent the present. Articles about traditional music by Kompromromissis. Learn more about his life and his music. Earliest folk songs came from slave fields as spirituals.

The people from the music group. Story, protagonists and history of art in Italia - AA.VV.

But it can't be just a coincidence that the second phase has thrived, the reanimation of early music and especially baroque music. be ..... Roberto Bolelli, 1988-1989, Il popular animation in Italy, Tesi di lurea, mother animals, old music..... ethnomusicology of the movement for early music: thoughts on bridging the gap....

Forronic Chalot

Born in Normandy, Northern France. In Ronen and then in Paris he became interested in French folk music. For many years now, VĂ©ronique has lived in Italy and has settled in Florence, not only as a home, but also as a situation in which she establishes contacts with democratic associations, in fundamental experiences, in the continuous relationship with the territory.

"While Veronique Chalot was originally from Normandy in northern France, it was only in Paris that she became interested in folk music. 1974 she ended up in Rome, where she soon received a small but committed following. 1979 she made her first recording, J'ai vu leoup, for the Italian record company Materiali Sonori.

In the last 30+ years she has given several hundred concertos, presented her repertory of folk tunes from France and Italy and raised consciousness of this intriguing heritage of ancient tunes and rhythm. She has been playing with Veziana since 2005, an early music company from both sides of the Pyrenees."

"but France and Italy have their Veronique Chalot. Veronique has been dedicating three centuries to the play, reception and exploration of mediaeval, revival and ancient folk music from France and Italy, and helps to protect these styles from complete darkness. The A l'entree du temps clause, published in 1982 on the small Italien Materiali Sonori record company, was filmed while Veronique lived and researched in Italy.

Singing and performing classic guitars (as well as the hammered dulcimer organ and the hurdy-gurdy), she is supported by five Italians who play a number of ancient musical tools, among them boules ouki, pipes, horn, bendhir und drums, which makes this record of ancient Franco tradition music a pleasant exploration almost three years after its publication.

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