Early British Punk Bands

Earlier British Punk Bands

Clash Neil Young, Il Duff, Joe Strummer, Punk Rock, Rock And. Hugh Cornwell was one of the protagonists of early British punk rock. More Sottogenere: British Punk, New Wave, Pub Rock, Punk, Punk, Punk/New Wave. The Siouxsie Sioux singer with the British punk band Siouxsie And The Banshees posed in a studio. They are one of the more successful acts coming from the British punk rock scene.

Ultimate use

Twelve new unreleased tracks, which move within a classic style of rock n' roll Beatles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, with the addition of Dirty Notes with british/garage taste. "Somethin' falsch with Ruby" is a conceptual scrapbook that describes the birth and growth of a generation trained in rock'n'roll at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, and the carefree lifestyle it offers, at the same time as the birth of a new "insatiable" economic system for unbridled consumption.

In a metaphorical, antiphorical and ironic way, the record tells the key role played by Rock n' Roll in confirming this system that continues to influence our lives today. The story, within the albums, is divided into two chapters. "Goin' wil ("in a gentlemen suit")" speaks of it: Rock'n'Roll culture and lifestyle are born.

It ends with the track "Rama llama be bop", which celebrates the now completed condensation and flattening of all forms of diversity and unites them all: "Everybody's doin' the rama llama lama be bop". Their style is influenced by genres like garage rock, punk and rock'n' rock, an explosive mixture aimed at pure carefree fun, but not what you're used to hearing... in their lyrics is the Italian who is the master.

Influenced by NoFx, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Vandals and Lightsout, we have 13 new songs on their new record "Rotten Stramorten". A personal and lively tone that radiates an eclectic melodic punk, jagged, rich in choirs, extremely energetic. The Twinkles' new record contains 10 tracks in the band's classic style, pure punk 77 full of melodies and sensational choirs that bring bands like Boys, Ramones, Undertones, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Skids, 999 to mind. 10 hymns that remain imprinted in the mind, included in the strand of the single "We Come Along" and in its important message: "Space and opportunity to play to those who create their own music.

It' no coincidence that the record also has the same title as "We Come Along" just to make clear and loud what the bands are doing. Now all you have to do is turn up the loudness and go wild with The Twinkles' irresistible suit! This new Twinkles record features 10 classical Twinkles styles, punk 77 full of tunes and spectacular choirs reminiscent of bands like Boys, Ramones, Undertones, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Skids, 999. Ten hymns that stay in your head, gathered in the thread of the singles "We Come Along" and in their very important message: "Room and playing facilities for those who make their own music."

It' no accident that the record even bears the same track "We Come Along" just to make clear what the bands do. All you have to do now is increase the loudness and rage with The Twinkles' compelling suite! Born in 1982 in the midst of a punk explosion, Rappresaglia were one of the most representative bands of this brand season, making Italian bands famous all over the world.

Soon, however, they began to turn to their roots and regained the sounds and spirit of Punk 77 from bands like Ramones, Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, without being inspired by any particular group, but always trying to create a personal style. The discography of the group includes singles, LPs, CDs and numerous performances in collections.

The albums "Degeneration" and "Survivors" have been very well received by the public and critics alike. Recorded at Real Sound Studios in Milan, it contains 13 original tracks as well as the Uncontrollable Urge by Devo covers. The songs, with texts in Italian and English, tell real situations of lived life, anger and hope.

This production combines the energy of Rappresaglia's punkrock with an attention to vocal and instrumental arrangements to create an innovative and classic record for the group. New Zeffjack record on sale from April 6th: Contrary to the tendency to see instrumental music as a repetition or as a simple background, some of these music have the dawn to be called "songs" and try as such to "sing with the music" or to be finished as small unbound universes, without the fear of being too short or of not finding an already run category container that is certainly not suitable to reconcile sleep.

The language chosen in our proposal is skirt with some of its dialects; Wallnoise, New Wave, Punk and with a touch of what a wise mustache once called "Pop Tirato". Recorded in the historic Real Sound Studio in Milan, which has been active since the 80's and is managed by Roberto Gramegna and Ettore Gilardoni, who materially took care of all phases of the recording, production and editing of the entire CD, the entire CD was completely mixed and mastered.

The return of the Bolognesian threesome, which proposes the songs of The Clash in the style of the famous American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. Also digitally released on March 16th, the record is a complete redesign of the first record by Joe Strummer and his companions, ranging from folk-western ballads, a booming chikka era, early rock'n'roll episodes and intimate moments at last cash.

It is an alternate rock/powerpop group born in 2017 in the undefined heath between Milan and Vares. The group is guided by Ivan's ideas, the voice, which are concretized and glorified until they become part of "CINEMA", the band's first self-produced album. Seven tracks with pure Mersey beats, one of which was recorded live between the covers and the original tracks (4), making you dance non-stop!

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