Dorsey Trombone

The Dorsey Trombone

Jimmie Dorsey/Red Nichols/California Ramblers/Tommy Dorsey. Buy Wee Blue Coo Music Concert Tommy Dorsey Trombone Legend USA Music Canvas Art Print USA. in the study of the trombone, although it sounded pretty good, even the trumpet. A portrait of Tommy Dorsey playing the trombone. Read the whole text trombone concerto: I.

The trombone of James Stewart.

He starts learning to fly at a very young age before moving on to the trombone, which he learns by taking lessons from Charlie Randall, the same master as Tommy Dorsey. Fascinated by Tommy Dorsey, he dreams of being able to accompany the great trombonist on stage. In the late 1920s he played with Red Nichols, Roger Wolfe Khan and finally with the Dorsey brothers.

He made his debut in January 1930 with a cast that included Muggsy Spanier, the two Dorseys, Carl Kress, Ray Bauduc and the singer Scrappy Lambert. More than four years passed before Yukl returned to the recording studio, this time with Joe Haymes, and the recordings lasted until January 1935 with about forty tracks in which the trombonist had the opportunity to put himself in good light.

At the same time he was appointed by the Dorsey brothers to replace Glenn Miller and recorded about fifty pieces with the orchestra. Between 1935 and 1937 he also accompanied Bing Crosby with a formation that in reality is always Dorsey. At the same time he also played in a group formed by Jimmy Dorsey without his brother.

Then he joined Ray McKinley's Jazz Band, then the line-up that accompanied Ginger Rogers and Armstrong. In 1937 he recorded with singer Connie Boswell and in August of the same year he joined the Ben Pollack Orchestra, which accompanied singers Peggy Mann, Frances Hunt and Paula Gayle, for a series of recordings for the Decca that lasted until April of the following year.

He also worked with Billy Harty and was active until the 1960s. He also works in the movies, appears and plays in the movie "Rhythm Inn" and plays some solos in the soundtrack of "The story of Glenn Miller", where he gives James Stewart the voice of his trombone.

The trombone with the integrated tele-camera is a film.

He is a trombonist who has put a GoPro camera into his trombone, into the "throw", the part of the trombone that is held with the left hand 8 for the right hand9 and which serves to modulate the notes. In a few days, we received almost 10,000 reviews.

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