Dorsey Brothers Orchestra

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra

Toast to Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey. Two years later he joined the Dorsey Brothers' most renowned orchestra, where he stayed for almost a year. Chariot Dorsey Brothers Orchestra,. tanooga" con la spettacolare Glenn Miller Orchestra. Stop, Look & Listings from Dorsey Brothers CDs were very good.

Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - Vol. IV - Last Moment Of Greatness (Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo)

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known as Jimmy (Shenandoah, 29 February 1904 - New York, 12 June 1957), was an American clarinettist and saxophonist. His father was a music teacher, while his younger brother, Tommy Dorsey, also became a well-known musician. In his youth Jimmy played the trumpet and in 1913 he took part in a performance in vaudeville style.

In 1915 he changed his instrument to the saxophone, then he perfected his clarinet. Together with his brother Tommy, he founded one of the first jazzbands to be broadcast on the air, the Dorsey Novelty Six. After returning to the United States, Jimmy worked briefly with Rudy Vallee and many other band leaders and continued his work in the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra with his brother Tommy.

The latter left the family complex and founded his own group in 1935 after a dispute with Jimmy. The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra became the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, including musicians such as Bobby Byrne, Ray McKinley and Skeet Herfurt, as well as choir singers Bob Eberly and Kay Weber. In 1939, Jimmy Helen chose O'Connell as his female voice.

Most of the tracks played by Dorsey, O'Connell and Eberly were recorded according to a strange "a-b-c" pattern. In the first minute of the song he sang, mostly a slow romantic ballad, the next minute was marked by an opening of the whole volume under the direction of Jimmy's saxophone, while the last minute was sung by Helen O'Connell, in a more lively time, and sometimes with lyrics in Spanish.

It was Jimmy who continued his work until the early fifties. In 1953 he met again with his brother, in his group The Fabulous Dorseys, and was responsible after Tommy's death. Only a few months after his brother's death, Jimmy lived and died of cancer in New York in 1957.

Dorsey has also appeared in a large number of Hollywood movies, including That Girl From Paris, Shall We Tan? "On A Little Street in Singapore" "John Silver" "Dusk In Upper Sandusky" "I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight" "Just For A Thrill" "So Rare" (DE) Jimmy Dorsey, su Enciclopedia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

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