Dorsey Brothers

The Dorsey Brothers

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The Naxos - Dorsey Brothers - Originals 1932-1935: Stop, watch and hear

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Thommy Dorsey is a son of art. His father, a music teacher, led the local wind orchestra during the annual processions and led his son to study the trumpet. Here Tommy is still a great technical jazzmusician, appreciated as a Chicago-style trumpet to which he has made a significant contribution.

In 1928, when he founded the Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra together with his brother James "Jimmy", the clarinet, the Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra, which received great public acclaim, the jazzmusician finally gave way to the "sentimental gentleman" and became alone, a trombonist of great talent and remarkable feeling. His music begins with swings, inspired by Benny Goodman's orchestra.

It is a music, the "scimiotta" jazzy, is an example of the commercial exploitation that whites could do against black jazzy by selling a product that corresponded to the desire for rest that whites felt strong, both in the years of the New Deal and in the following years of the Second World War.

In 1935 he broke up with his brother to form his own group called I-m getting Sentimental Over You, the title of a song by him that will have considerable success as Boogie Woogie and other arrangements - all Sy Oliver from Jimmy Luncheford's orchestra.

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