Dorsey Band

The Dorsey Band

The first reaction to Dorsey's latest discovery is lukewarm. A group of famous band leaders recently met for a jam session at the Manhattan Center in New York City. The Riproduci i brani interamente da The Swing Band Project, Vol. Yes Indeed is a "swing spiritual" that Sy Oliver originally sang with the band. Artista / Artist: Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra.

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including the Dorsey brothers and Benny Goodman. This made his band one of the most sought-after orchestras, working together early in their career and conducting several bands. In 1935, however, Tommy broke away from them to continue his journey as a soloist, his....

LEFT FRANK JNR around 1968 with the Tommy Dorsey Band Stock Photo & Image: 37790036

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The future of Twitter will not be neutral, but a place of punctuation free of the Nazis.

When Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006, he had no clue that he and his colleagues were creating a universally accessible, global, limitless platform that would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so tens of thousands of people could yell at him.

All this means that people like Dorsey, who was Twitter's chief executive officer until 2015 (after a first half from 2006 to 2008), are struggling with an increasing number of increasingly complex problems. In two meetings - one at dinner (fried chicken, oysters; the only meal in his fast diet) at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York, where he brought home a bottle of organic, low-alcohol wine; the other in a glass conference room at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco - Dorsey talked about these topics and talked about his life, his work, his career and his ideas.

Especially with regard to certain stereotypes that revolve around Silicon Valley, Jack Dorsey is a particularly pleasant guy; he often makes (particularly intense) eye contact, often laughs, has an excellent education. At 42, he is a serious music lover (the masses of Twitter were not particularly impressed when he said that Kendrick Lamar is his "favorite poet"), and above all a digital aesthete à la Steve Jobs.

After leaving Twitter in 2008, he co-founded Square, a billion-dollar portable payment company (so you can use your credit card anywhere) - then his old company brought him back. They see things, but it's easier to "make the Nazis disappear" than to write a report.

I think you're in good faith, but you're a terrible communicator." For a long time, the model was in Silicon Valley: "We are a neutral platform. If Twitter isn't just a platform, then what is it? People look at Twitter as if it were a square, so they have just as high expectations as they have of a public space.

The Succedono did various a Washington Square Park. But when you stop, you don't really understand what a park is. The example makes it easy to deal with wrong information. Sometimes it seems that your approach is: "If there is wrong information, the type of Twitter means that the real prevail".

Well, I guess that's what happens sometimes, but we don't have to model it. But Twitter was designed to give more relevance to tweets that revealed misinformation. We built Twitter first because we wanted to use it, because we fell in love with it. There is a general dependency, independent of Twitter, on what happens, on what is new.

Newscasters are a reality, people who are obsessed with these things are a reality. We never designed product thinking, for example: "How do we create addiction? What is it today that actively promotes Twitter? Do you have any kind of addiction to Twitter? I know it will sound absurd, because we are not even close to what I am going to say, but when I close the app, I wish I had learned something new.

When I ask one of the customers in this restaurant, "Did you learn anything after closing Twitter? For example, if I left Twitter and felt better informed, I would be happier. I think it's good to give everyone the chance to have a vote. What makes me most proud of Twitter is that it has become a tool with which the most marginalized groups can share their history.

The other side of the coin is that Tweeting offers public figures, including politicians, the opportunity to lie to millions of followers without filters. So many people have been allowed to connect and have a voice on tweet. In 50 years, when I' m still on-line on my website and I' m gone, my contribution will be zero compared to the people who used the platform.

I think that's why a lot of hip-hop characters like us. A disordered platform was necessary to grasp a disordered way of self-representation. I believe in their ability to make a decision. I think they can make their own decisions without me intervening or monitoring everything. I think we're all open-minded.

I think we're gonna go back and work on the things we screwed up. If we talk about what's happening on the platform, I'm worried. I feel the weight of using our platform and how it is now being used to do things I am not proud of. I don't want you to believe that the exemplary behaviour is to stay awake 20 hours a day and work continuously because I don't think it's good for your health.

I think we should deal with the unpleasant things. We have to deal with these things. The first surprising thing I learned in Myanmar is that there is a Facebook web site. The Twitter is very small, almost insignificant. It' amazing how it made the smallest things in life really, really huge. The controversy over Myanmar shows, among other things, that the mistrust we have been talking about also affects people like you.

I didn't know, really. It'?s amazing. Völevo cream cheese dessert. Völevo cream cheese dessert. The things that distracted me were not therapy or botanical illustrations, but the abstract nature of programming. It' s really very abstract, and nothing feels real. I went to a fashion school, but I never made pants because we started working on tweet.

One of the joys of Twitter, in fact, is that writing code, unlike the rest of programming, meant vibrating Biz's cell phone (Stone, nda). I like to paint, draw and program because it's art where you literally can't start from anything and create something. I always thought these things were important.

I don't think our story was the most interesting thing about tweeting. The platform was not the ingenious one. The users invented all these things. Creation is confused. Noah and I talked about tweeting until 4:00 in the morning. It was really sad to see him go. He is the first person I have thought about these things with, but Biz is my associate for the actual product.

I wanted to work with him again. Twitter. If I become irrelevant, and eventually I will be, I hope that I have built the necessary alternatives. I am increasingly convinced that building and creating can influence society faster than our current legal system. I don't think I'd be myself.

These are the things that were once talked about and are no longer talked about. I think so is Elon. If you think about your first term as Twitter chief executive officer, would you get kicked out? The platform went off-line all the time. Normally I don't talk much about myself, I don't fight for my own stuff.

I learned that I had to learn. I think I tried it myself, if I put something in my head and have the right tools, then I can do it. I see Mark as a really, really smart business man. I don't know what it was like to work with him. The only person who did interesting things was Steve Jobs.

He was sure, curious, a very charming character. My favorite band at the time was Pinball. Operation Ivy took me to a lot of guys in the Bay Area. One of the things I like most about punks is activism. I danced under the stage and played all these punkbands.

The fact that they were all three-person bands, always horrible musicians. For me this is one of the biggest advantages of Twitter. Non credo in neessuna religious parsolare. I think Twitter is the closest thing to a global consciousness.

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