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to suddenly make room for the songs sung by the two Neapolitan singers Gigione and Joe Donatello. The Basilica of San Lorenzo was enriched with valuable works in the 16th century and houses the last creation of Donatello. History of the life of Donatello, Italian sculptor and goldsmith. Please visit the profile of Donatello De Maio on Italia. YouTube: There are more than just copyright.

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If playback does not start shortly, we recommend that you restart the unit. From Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 June, the Casa del Cinema will open its doors for the 9th edition of Notti D'Oro, the "Panorama" of the best short films awarded by the film academies of the world. You can request a content changes for a legal reason on the legal support page you can request content changes for a legal reason.

Luigi Di Maio's career as an actor who plays the pilot boy Donatello.

On July 26, 2018, a user named "On Camel" (I avoid commenting on what can be understood by reading it) released a short description of the video: A few hours later, the user posed the following picture: There is a problem because the man in the movie is the singer Jo Donatello: There is another problem.

The movie entitled "Grazie Padre Pio" was made in 2001, when Luigi Di Maio was 15 years old and born in 1986. In the gallery above there are four examples of sharing, I bring you the texts of the contributions (1-2-3-4): Angelo: "I can't believe it! The user who shared the two posts, one with the movie's videotape and the other with the photo of the real Di Maio together with Jo Donatello, is an obvious "troll".

Donatello 2019, the best and worst of the evening.

We had prepared ourselves for the 64th ceremony of David and already felt the lack of Valeria Bruni Tedeschi with the mathematical certainty that none of the winners of this year would thank her psychoanalyst, the friend who had given her the focalcia for dinner at school or in Chopin, but then the beautiful Elena Sofia Ricci came on stage, which made us feel a little less sorry.

One cannot open the very Italian David with a montage of the best Italian films of the year to the notes of We are The Champions. As if that weren't enough, Carlo Conti enters and shows actors, directors and movie professionals in the cinema: "You are the champions". Admittedly, the ceremony has been slightly improved over last year, with Conti Master Recovery Minutes in the race and a great musical guest like Andrea Bocelli singing In Your Hands from the gladiator's soundtrack.

Here are the best and the worst moments. It passes (but it doesn't pass) that the host doesn't speak English, but when Carlo Conti asks Tim Burton: "Would you rather say you' re going to say demon or dambo" or "Is it true that as a child you were attracted by the films about monsters?

For the record, she answered friendly: "Oh, yes" and probably she won't come back, but she will receive a prize in Italy, also because Conti has completely forgotten to give it to the actress. Another David Speciale, another race: With Dario Argento Conti he asks what his biggest fear is, and the director answers: "Everyone always asks me the same thing".

Teach Conti the etiquette of stand ovations: rule number, they will never be blatantly admonished. In this case, the standing ovation begins spontaneously and Mr Burton, David at career 2019, is moved: "I can't speak Italian, but I speak with my hands, it's an honour for me to be here. Less noteworthy is the award ceremony by Benigni, who attacks to talk about the Pinocchio di Garrone in which he will play Geppetto.

We had already seen it in a Sanremo di Conti, but here it is, if possible, even more embarrassing, because nothing really stands in the way. "I was there all quiet and instead..." he says with clear eyes when he goes on stage to withdraw the well-deserved David as the best actor for On My Skin. "Thanks to all the people who enrich my life, this movie has become complicated and the consequences have been borne mainly by them.

This award comes from Stefano Cucchi, I dedicate it to man and to the importance of being seen as such, regardless of anything". In the evening, Sulla mia pelle (On My Skin) took home 3 more awards: one for the first director, the best producer and David Giovani, who was chosen by thousands of children in schools.

Thanks, which also clarify the word Netflix in Prime Time on Rai 1. At home, all well of Gabriele Muccino wins the viewer's new David, who rewards the most frequently seen movie in the theater. But before the director Sabrina Impacciatore starts singing: "Ten statues are enough for me...". She is always on the moon and very funny and even Muccino's words are to be heard and important: "We are here to show our films to the public and without the public our work does not exist.

After years abroad, when people loved my movie, I felt that my place was here again. "I have no saliva flow," says Elena Sofia Ricci, moved, almost blocked by emotions, while she withdraws David as the best actress for her performance of Veronica Lario in Loro by Paolo Sorrentino.

And then the beautiful thought of a mother: "I want to dedicate this prize with all my heart to my daughters, I wish you to live from your passion like me. Call me by your name is one of the most beautiful films of the last season and the last years international and won an Oscar for the non-original screenplay.

Giving him a David in the same category, whatever. The director literally spontaneously participates on stage to receive the award for the best original song Mistery of Love by Sufjans Stevens. He collected his ninth David from 44 nominations for his documentary film Santiago, Italy, and gave all the lessons on how to accept the prizes: his speech was simple, concise and effective: "I am happy to receive the prize for this beautiful Italian history of hospitality", then he thanked two co-workers and congratulated with great class the other candidates in his category and named them all first and last names.

I vote zero for the David director's Spoiler, which manages to show that Alfonso Cuaròn has arrived in the theatre in extreme cases, just before the president of the Academy Piera Detassis calls him on stage to accept the prize for the best foreign movie for Rome. The surprise effect is over, but fortunately the words of gratitude of the Mexican director let us forget what happened at least for a while: "Through you I feel even closer to the Italian movie that I deeply love".

Dogsman wins several David and Matteo Garrone goes on stage several times and always brings someone from the line-up or the workers with him. For the Best Original Screenplay Award, director Marcolino, who worked with him as an engineer 10 years ago and helped to give the screenplay a greater dimension of truth, presents some anecdotes from the suburbs, such as the frozen chihuahua.

Garrone is not alone at the award ceremony: "A director is nothing without great actors and here is Marcello Fonte, who has won all the prizes so far but nothing tonight. The protagonist of the film, von dogman, plays down: "I have my price, it's her: my mother".

For David in the best movie says Garrone: "What a beautiful evening, thank you, we all worked together. Let's hope that if the televisions get bigger and bigger, the cinemas don't get smaller and smaller. Even if Alfonso Cuarón's hand is shaken by Garrone, everything that ends well is fine.

And awards a prize to Roberto Pedicini and his voice, which is always one of the best things about David.

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