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A DJ set is for the DJ what the concert is for the musician, i.e. the show in which the artist presents the music selected by him to the audience of the clubs (disco, discotheque pub, nightclub, rave, dance hall, etc.), using most time mixing techniques (in fact you often prefer DJ mixing) at the end of the "DJ set".

A DJ set can last from two hours in discotheques, discotheques and clubs to an average of three hours in a normal discotheque to five-hour sets by Danny Tenaglia 24 hours, like Marco Carola's at the Sunwaves Festival or Loko Dice's at Space in Miami and even 36 hours a set back to Tini and Bill Patrick.

Within the DJ set the DJ chooses and mixes the tracks according to his style, but always finds a compromise with what he wants to listen to the audience of the event. It is the skill and experience of the DJ that interprets and supports the mood of the audience while remaining true to his taste.

The DJ set must not only be tuned to the actual performances: Often (sometimes even daily) the DJ mixes his records in his own recording room, which leads to a so-called DJ mixture (or "studio set" or "playlist"). Mixtapes " were very popular in the past, i.e. music cassettes on which were recorded performances of famous and lesser known DJs either by the DJ himself or by the clubs that made the recording of the evening available to the public (and still do, even if they are on CD), distributed or sold to a more or less limited circle of fans in shops and stalls.

Many DJs, more than just a lot of income, have achieved a big advertising income thanks to the distribution of mixtapes.

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