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Punk Devo Rock

If I'm gonna be honest, I don't give a shit (laughs). A date not to be missed for all Devo fans. I didn't know about I Like Allie, but I must say they were a great discovery for me. I have to admit, I'm kind of sick of it. I was born in punk rock and I see people joining the club just because "it's fashionable and it's cool", it bothers me.

Summer Punk Rock Championships Visto da Unia Summer Punk Rock Stars Photografa

If you come back from a concert and want to write a ME, that you want to write another review that comes up to all the others "what a nice evening, what a nice music, what a drunk, what a drunk, cheffigatazio", that you wouldn't shit anyone but 3 pots and my mother anyway, it means that something really happened yesterday.

Yesterday Punk Rock Nationals were at the Market Sound. That' great, we'll be there soon, making friends, breaking into some things. In the morning Hub writes to me and brings me the good news: I have the picture credits, O MY GOD, A JOY! We prostituted ourselves with messages and stocks, hoping to get credits, and it doesn't seem to be true to me, it was really a long time in which I didn't have the opportunity to find myself reflexively under a big stage.

And it' not about locking the ticket, now I work like a tractor and can pay for it, it's that only one asshole wants to take pictures, but of course the asshole understands the problems of overcrowding the mine, managing restrictions, belonging to a small weavezine that can make better enemies than anything else, and insists on not putting a "stone" in the name.

We strut along the disbelieving tail and look for solutions in a situation that has no solutions until my friend tells me that I, who has been pardoned by passports, probably completely miss the Good Riddance and risk losing my Pennywise too, which means that I was a fan shot ball because I was mainly there for Good Riddance, secondly for Penny and then, ah, there are offspring too, okay, there are.

This sudden sense of responsibility, mixed with fear and panic, convinces me to abandon my fellow adventurers, walk along the queue and go to the checkpoint to ask the guy from the staff: "But I should actually be inside to work, in the sense that I'm losing everything, I can't afford it!

All right, what is it, usual things like these, the photos I can only use for the journal etc. etc. etc.? etc. Riddance Sul Palace, CE L'HO FATT-no, pavetta. Nice riddance that says hello and goes. So here is a repertoire photo of Good Riddance as they do in jiggì, I present it to you together with all my assholes who were shot for what happened and why -Veranda'iddio- if I hadn't bribed the personnel manager when I entered!

They told me they were cool, the Good Riddances. Then, well, about the complaints of the afternoon there would be an excursion to quote my friend Amanda Disagio of OutLoud Tv and Killerdogz (end of advertising

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