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The ultimate guide to Dash Rip Rock: biography, discography, reviews, links. Musical performance technique that allows the music to move forward while intensifying energy. Well, I define myself as a voice, not a writer. The Clutch have crossed the boundaries that define heavy rock music since the four founding members gathered in high school. Thanx for all the wonderful records that will define rock music forever.

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The speech given on the occasion of the seventeenth edition of "Day Tondelli". Correggio, Reggio Emilia, December 16, 2017), offers a comparative reading of Pier Vittorio Tondellis second novel "Pao Pao" and "Combat Rock", which..... The speech given on the occasion of the seventeenth edition of "Day Tondelli". Correggio, Reggio Emilia, 16 December 2017), offers a comparative reading of the second novel by Pier Vittorio Tondelli, "Pao Pao" and "Combat Rock", the fifth record of the English punkband The Clash.

Pao Pao" and "Combat Rock" have many things in common, especially from a thematic-ideological point of view: First, there is a concrete connection between the criticism of the forced normalization of life in the barracks to which the young characters of the Tondellian novel are exposed and the protest against the military system that appears in passages such as "Sean Flynn" and "Inokulated City".

It is also evident in "Pao Pao", the increase of its diversity that can be translated into a private resistance that excludes forms of collaboration with power and that seems to be fully represented in "Combat Rock" by the texts of "Know Your Rights" and "Ghetto Defendant". However, in other cases the characters of the novel express their subversive component in the enthusiasm and vital impulses associated with good nights, releases and tormented passions, recalling the energetic and sometimes playful rhythms of the famous "Should I-Stay or Should I Go?" and "Rock The Casbah".

The " Soundtrack of a Year in Uniform " (that of the Clash) becomes the basic material of the story and the common thread in the life of the characters that animate the " Tribe " of the " Pao Pao ": this approach has made possible an integrated, more than parallel comparison between music and literature, with the aim of offering a " total " perspective of the novel and the album and the time in which they were produced.

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TO DEFINE was born in April 2010 from an idea of the guitarists Dea and Kristian, with the intention to create a rock project of impressive and catchy effect, far away from the sounds the two musicians were used to. The project takes shape with the arrival of bassist Pietro and voice Ilenia in May 2010.

They recorded at the Animal House Studio in Ferrara and released their very first single, "Day by Day" in two versions, English and Italian ("Inossidabile"). Launched in April 2010 from the brainchild of two guitars Dea & Christian, To Define is a new rock and energy group for young audiences that mixes powerful contemporary sound and popular tunes so far removed from the styles of music that they have been hooked by their old groups.

In May the boys first found bassist Pietro and then vocalist Ilenia. Following some line-up changes the group finds the last percussionist Daniele. Players recorded their promotion at Animalhouse Studio near Ferrara and proposed their first day by day dual English & Italian ("Inossidabile") singles.

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