Define Punk Rock

Punk Rock define

Who cares if he couldn't play his guitar, he embodied the punk attitude to perfection! What Is Punk? is not only an entertaining encounter with pop culture, but also a precise rendition of punk rock and its most important actors (all modeled from clay). Burning riffs based on the tradition of punk rock guitars like Steve Jones, Mick Jones, Johnny Ramone, East Bay Ray. Punk band T-shirt Sconti Nuovo arrivo Def Leppard Rock N Roll Band T-.

Festival 2019 download

The Download is one of the biggest rock and heavy metals festivals in the UK and probably in the world. Every year in June she presents a line-up with the biggest names and revolutionary stars of the music scene in the beautiful Donington Park. Five stages and three days of music from dark metals to punk rock allow Download to work to capacity every year and keep his place at the top of the English rock scene.

The 2019 line-up will include performances by legends such as Def Leppard, Stepknot, Werkzeug and the last concert in the UK for the kings ofetal slayer. Meanwhile the non-musical side of Download has started a collaboration with WWE and the infamous inflatable wedding band, not to mention the Circus of Horrors and the musical comedies on the Side Splitter Stage.

And there are also the download festival markets, where you will find an incredible variety of food from different regions, but also clothes, jewelry, piercings, tattoos and merchandise articles of the bands.

Divienne Westwood: the documentary about the queen of punk rock

The Vivienne Westwood story is completely different. And in this documentary signed by Lorna Tucker, Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, and in the theatres on February 20, you'll discover all his talent. Everyone loves to call her the punk rock icon par excellence and one of the most influential artists in contemporary history. But what immediately emerges from the movie - which flows quickly and pleasantly through archive footage, unpublished movies and interviews - is her profile as a strong, militant woman.

It examines his rise to success, beginning with his humble origins and showing his activism and his significant cultural significance. The story is also told in an intimate way through his own words and touching interviews with his close circle of family, friends and co-workers.

Coming from the working classes of northern England, at the age of seventeen she moved to London in the middle of the fabulous 1960s. His life changed dramatically when he met Malcolm McLaren, president and Sex Pistols manager: their store on Kings Road launched the punk genre and a revolutionary pop culture.

From then on, Vivienne had to face a number of different difficulties - financial, relational and management problems - but still managed to become a phenomenon in the fashions world. Today the Westwood label stands alongside brands such as Gucci, Dior and McQueen (here you can see the Spring Summer 2019 collection, but only Vivienne owns and manages her empire directly, without sending a signal of failure at the age of 77).

Vivienne is portrayed in the movie at a crucial time when the company opened its flagship stores in the fashion metropolises of Paris and New York. The continuous alternation of recordings, testifying to the successes, conflicts and uncertainties Vivienne is confronted with today and at the most important moments of her life, creates parallels between her 21st century activism and her punk rock attitude towards the youth system.

Director Linna Tucker tells us: "It was in 2008 when Vivienne asked Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Unkle to participate in a song she wrote to raise public awareness of issues related to the Liberty organization. In the meantime, I started my career as a director, making music videos for rock bands and when they asked me to do the clip, I met Vivienne, with whom I soon became a friend.

After finishing the fashion movie Red Shoes with Lily Cole in the lead role for the 2013 climate revolution and working on a series of short films about Vivienne Westwood for Dazed's take-over section, I suggested that she participate in a documentary about her and so Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist was born.

During the three years we shot the movie, we were able to shoot several aspects of Vivienne's life: we spent time with her at the Arctic Circle for Greenpeace's mission to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change, in the same months we dunked in rolls of cloth to observe how a collection takes shape from start to finish, we followed Vivienne as she shot the campaign against cracking (a technique for extracting natural gas from unconventional sources) and the opening of the new Flagshipstores.

She is always ready to fight for what she believes in and to fight against the current, and this is perfectly reflected in her activism and fashion. Vivienne's interests, principles and ideas have always exceeded the expectations of the public. So we knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be the classic fashion movie.

Therefore we wanted to concentrate more on Vivienne as a person and concentrate on her origin, her activism and her cultural and revolutionary impact. Not only is Vivienne an artist, couturier and activist, she is also the symbol of a global label and a strong successful woman.

Since Vivienne has lived an extraordinary life, even in moments of great change in contemporary history, we hope that the culturally significant themes will reach as wide an audience as possible, from former punks to today's activists to those who simply love biographical films.

During the shooting of this movie there was nothing more stimulating than Vivienne's story. The way she led her life through a labyrinth of financial and emotional difficulties to emerge as England's greatest female couturier, thanks to her strength and determination, is a true form of inspiration.

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