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Punk Definition Coat ?. More information, photos, videos about the band Define, Quebec, which has registered for the music competition of the historical festival for young bands. or how not to define art. Punk-Revival - Third Wave of Ska - Punk-Revival - Ska-Punk - Etichetta - Hollywood Records.

So I came across this definition of "punk" as a verb "punk" (Principal Verb, present simple) to play a joke or to fool someone.


Suicide Machines, a Detroit based punk rock group, decided after several years of activity between 1996 and 1997 to record their first record, and no decision was right. Yes, because what comes out of it, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful albums of the late 90s!

Destroy By Definition is a crazy collection of 16 tracks that combine scat epunk, ska and hard-core in an incredible and effective way. With all the work involved, it's hard not to feel a strong influence from Operation Ivy, certainly a source of inspiration for Jason and his teammates; just as it's hard to believe these guys come from Michigan rather than California (in fact, they've often got stuck in the cauldron of western).

The cover is very beautiful and impressively shows the explosive load of the band's performances. I' m very interested in this song because it's part of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater sound track and he's the one who made me discover Suicide Machines. Immediately you hear all elements of the style of the band: choir drawn, kka verse, the "Hey" and above all the contrast between the clean voice - if you like - of guitarist Dan Lukacinsky and the screamed singer Jason Navarro, the true trademark of the four of Michigan.

Break the Glass will put you back on the gas. The chorus is printed on the head and the impulse to sing it from the lungs wherever you hear it is really unstoppable. It starts with a slow introduction, bad, almost a hard-core break where the focus is emphasized by the brass (this is the only record), which has bass and tenor saxophone that can be heard from time to time.

The intro then culminates in an unstoppable major-Ska rhythm that leads to the verse of the song and then to a bridging-Reggae. New Girl and Break The Glass with punk chorus and punk verse. I haven't yet mentioned the technical skills of the musicians, especially bassist Royce Nunley, who produces beautiful and very fast laps (someone said Matt Freeman?) and drummer Derek Grant, who later became drummer of the Alkaline Trio and should become a session player, both as a drummer and as a guitarist, for Face to Face, The Gaslight Anthem, Vandals, Good Charlotte and many others.

From now on the album runs well without any tops, but keeps the level of the songs high until you get to Vans Song, another song worth mentioning. The verse is very relaxed and for the second and last time you can hear the horns; the chorus is chaos and caciaron.

Uncertainty is a pure punk song until you get to the outro: bass and guitar get on your way for a few seconds and then end with a tail thrust that continues the first part. After Zero, a negligible song (one of the few on the record), though not ugly, So Long closes the album in an excellent way with a perfect, solid mixture of punk and kka.

Suicide Machines try their luck as a hidden track on the I Don't Wanna cover of Hear It by Minor Threat, which is played very well and fits perfectly to the music. To sum it up, this work is practically an "all killers no filler" and certainly a must for all fans of fast punk, ska-punk and punk of the 90's, due to the work of a group that I think is highly underestimated and that deserves the success of many others, even in Italy.

Just in these months Suicide Machines have decided after a long break to get together again and write their new record.

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