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A subgenre for lovers of sounds that relax and fascinate, Deep Dolb is music that is generally based on the depth of the bass and that accompanies the entire performance of a song, an unmistakable note of this genre. Its popularity has grown since the explosion of the Internet, which has enabled the knowledge of groups and artists who have been little in sight, and attracts other listeners and fans of electronic music in general.

In the beginning, everyone remained faithful to their favourite genre, and there were scarce impurities between the genres, even from the same sector, with the large mass of listeners who remained anchored in their own reference genre having no interest in anything else. The minimal sounds have attracted the listener thanks to the continuous pulsations of the low frequencies, which are reminiscent of the vibrations of the earth's intestines and can be felt throughout the body, and offer a natural basis for a sound that is already repeated and dark.

It has to be said that the most recent development, which is particularly noticeable in Deep Houses, is particularly bizarre: in fact, it seems to be moving from a niche genre to the mains and putting the rest of electronic music in second place, thanks to the favour this kind of tone has received from the various DJs. Much has certainly contributed to the search for more catchy sounds, less dark or obsessive, and to the fact that it is precisely for this reason that this music has become the opening music of the evening in the premises and is no longer reserved for a niche as in the past.

It is no longer the case with music that cannot be found for fine palates, which was requested by the DJ in service, almost as if it were music dedicated to a part of the audience that almost did not want to be shared with strangers. Now the openness, which also derives from a certain favour on the part of the public, allows a wider audience to admire the exclusivity, thanks to the producers who want to avoid being locked up in a niche.

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