Deep House Techno

The Deep House Techno

deep/ disco/ dj/ electronica/ houseSoulful. Deep / Disco / DJ / House / House / HouseSoulful. Hits techno. Smoother, and sounds that are often taken from the deep house stream.

Deep House is a kind of dancing music that was born in the second half of the 80s in Chicago[1] as a subgenre of house music. Compared to Chicago House, it is slower (122-127 bpm), almost hypnotic and melodic; it also includes influences from jazzy music. The name " Deep " is derived from the deep bass sound usually found in songs of this genre.

Deep tracks generally have deep-sounding pads similar to those used in the chill-out and lounging areas. The tracks often contain only wind instruments like saxophone or trumpet, which are typical for classical music. Besides, the chords and scales of the melodic part of the deep pieces are always of the soul standards and especially of classical music.

Because of these characteristics, with an energetic and relaxed rhythm and refined sounds, the Deep House is often used in high fashion shows and is considered a dancing version of genres like Nuazz and The Lounge. Deep House was born in 1986, when Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) released the single "Can you feel it" (1988).

These DJs simply merged the sound of the Chicago house with that of the New York garages and created a new and original sound that would become one of the most influential on the house scene. Recently, since the second decade of the 2000s, the Deep House genre has been relaunched by major electronic music companies (such as defined in the house).

Since 2010 Deep House has a more aggressively sound, with a sharper bass, but without ever ending up in the rhythm of techno.

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