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There's some confusion about what cyberpunk music really is. GLOBAL Cyberpunk Music Pack Gift Steam GLOBAL. Scuti dot vox with cyberpunk music. Technoir film somewhere between "Strange Days", "Dark City" and a little "Fight Club" with a slightly reduced amount of cyberpunk visuals. Find a robot ?

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The Musica Cyberpunk? # Cyberpunk Italia - Cyberpunk Italia #

The definition of "cyberpunk music" is difficult, perhaps impossible. If it makes sense to talk about cyberpunk cinema (generally everyone agrees that its existence and some definitions are legal), the same does not apply to supposed cyberpunk music. The debate is still very heated, and those who believe that cyberpunk music can have its own existence and legitimate definition share two opposing fronts: 1) cyberpunk music for the themes developed within the texts, regardless of musical genre.

So it would be a current text more than a musical in the narrower sense. 2 ) Cyberpunk music for the use of technological/IT equipment and electronic sounds, regardless of whether the texts contain literary themes or refer to the cyberpunk scene. If it is true that the meeting point between the two schools of thought could be Billy Idol, who in his 1993 release "Cyberpunk" combines cyberpunk punk poetry with hybridized skirt and electronics, then it is also true that an artist and an album are not enough to confirm the existence of a musical genre.

However, it is undeniable that initially developed music ( and derivatives Rock/Metal), in addition to EBM (Electronic Body Metal), Aggrotech (Genre Techno), PsyTrance/Goa, Dubstep - and other more or less electronic-polluted genres - were often regarded as an integral part of supposed "cyberpunk music". Cyberpunk' music band?

Or just artists who can somehow be traced back to a certain cyberpunk aesthetic or to a mental projection of music that each of us (subjectively) considers suitable for a cyberpunk world? "Genuine cypunk musicians listening to whatever they want" recita la pagina "Cyberpunk Music" di The Cyberpunk Project, ein Chi Poo Argentina Iconario?

There is no cyberpunk music; that's what you read on a well-known cyberpunk academy facingbook, it's not the only voice in the chorus of cyberpunk music resisters. An article in Hacker culture attempts to shed light on the confusion surrounding the term "cyberpunk music", but does not define a musical genre, but asks questions about what "modern music is that should accompany cyberpunk".

This is certainly an interesting and delicate question to which each of us, without a satisfactory definition of "cyberpunk music", can give a personal answer. Finally, noteworthy is the Cyberpunk Communities Soundtrack (see below), a very interesting project that tries and manages to make music (related or inspired by the genre) cyberpunk, rather than defining it by using the collaboration of members of the cyberpunk communities around the world as music composers.

Thanks to the sound material sent by cyberpunk fans, which is able to produce its own music (mainly electronic with inserts of various kinds, ambience but not only), a "cyberpunk soundtrack" is produced annually in the form of compilations of original songs of very high quality.

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