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Up against the current

Against the Current are finally back in Italy with a new record and a show full of surprises. One of the most interesting newcomer groups on the overseas rock and pop scene, the group will be making a stop at the Legend Club of Milan on Saturday 1 June 2019 for a single date as part of their next European concert tours.

Under the direction of charismatic Chrissy Costanza, Against the Current have made a name for the sounds of infectious EPs (Infinity 2014 and Gravity 2015) and world tours, some of which were completed before even releasing a full-length record. Since early punk, the group has found its artistic growth with the album In Our Bones (2016) and even more with the current Past Live, released in late 2018 on the historic label Fueld by Ramen, a springboard for bands like Paramore, Panic!

Against The Current's tone is a breath of fresh air for the world of rock, which the group tries to revitalize with its freshness and the irresistibly engaging melodies of its songs, as well as for popular music, from which the American threesome avoids the repetition stream in favor of the search for a very personal place.

Thanks to their constant presence on community networks, the group has gained a large following among the new generations, but it is live that one can fully enjoy the scenic power of the group. Chrissy's great personality as an entertainer and his always perfect vocal performances, together with the determination of Will Ferri (drums) and the ability of Dan Gow (guitar), make a Against the Current concert a real show that goes beyond the musical genres and involves even the most demanding audience: famous is the appearance on the Download Festival's principalstage, the home of hard rock par excellence, where the group has won the favor of a multitude of notoriously suspicious, softer genres.

They are now ready to bring the same energy to the stage of the Legend Club of Milan. Here are the details of the date: June 1, 2019 Legend Club Milan Admission: 25.00 + d.d.p. advance booking on the routes Mailticket and Vivaticket.

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