Country and Folk Songs

Land and folk songs

Unusual was the air, but it sounded like a folk song of his own country, and he put in all the touching, peculiar melody of such a song. The Testo di Five West Country Folk Songs: Jazz, hip-hop and rock music alongside these popular styles is also an important part of the music industry in this country. Italian peasants came to this country, spoke little English, often un-. Contemporary music - rock, country, R&B and more - it is.

Heroes of cowboys} and old folk songs, Wink Burcham }

The title is definitely the musical program of Wink Burcham, artist from Oklahoma with already three active records, which were unfortunately in the niche of fans ofootsmusic. Heroes And Old Folk Songs reads some of the steps in the career of the musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who composes an interesting picture that includes "numbers" blue, alto country and folk and is inspired by the greats of the genre.

A Travellinâ? ? One immediately remembers Ry Cooder for his excellent use of guitar bottlenecks and blue atmospheres, Liquor Store (played in two versions, with an accompanying tape and in complete solitude) is one of the most significant moments of the record, a great image of suffering and melancholy, Outta This Town is another excellent electro-acoustic song, while PayYourDues is electric and syncopated, with cadenzas between blue and blue.

The album, which is decidedly coherent despite the combination of the two previous works (Irene Vennie of 2012 and Comfortable Shoes of the following year), flows well with the acoustic Back Row Woman and Chemical Train, the first definitely blues, the second a folk track influenced by Woody Guthrie, while it is closer to the Pickin' Mississippi John Hurt, No Muster Where You Are, in a continuous stylistic reference that does not mean lack of ideas but a deep love for these musicians.

The website â??COPY9 Cruisinâ Down The Roadâ (which seems to be taken up by Bop Til You or Borderline ), Gone Lay You Down and the theme song are three more examples of how sincere and genuine Wink Burchamâ??s suggestion is, a musician who will probably stay in the wide open space â??undergroundâ? but deserves to be heard.


Wanderer' is the tenth session record of the American musician Cat Power and was released by Domino and was completely produced over several years by the same singer-songwriter. A great collection of country music under a great label, the Stax, which, thanks to the rediscovery of real jewels of this music, conveys the complete vision of a typically American genre.

Here comes the new work of Gov't Mule,'Revolution Come ... Revolutions Go', whose writing began on the day of the American president and which reflects the band's fears on social and political issues. It' probably the album with the greatest sense of urgency and a fresher and harder sound than in the past, while at the same time confirming the band' great ability to write and arrange.

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