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Thierry Tisserand's Danse des fées (Celtic music) (Folk songs). Folk Contemporary, Scottish Folk Music. Show contemporary folk in iTunes. From Lima, Peru, Radio Folk la Unica Del PERU is an Internet radio station offering the best traditional and contemporary folk music. A sultry contemporary filmic indie folk rock song with a message.

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Folk music is generally understood to mean both folk and folk music, for which the definition of folk music is used in English, and music derived therefrom, for which the definition of contemporary folk music or folk animation is generally used in English.

Folk music may tend to have specific characteristics, but these are not strictly musically clarified. One of the meanings given at the end is that of "old songs of unknown composers", another is that the music "is subjected to a process of oral transmission.... from a community that gave him his own folkloric characters.

In most historical and prehistoric civilizations there was no way to pass music on to posterity except by teaching it to others at performance, work or play. From a historical point of view, traditional folk music can be recognised by a number of features:

Oral transmission: Before the 20th century, peasants and workers were generally illiterate and were entrusted with the acquisition of songs without the mediation of books, recordings or other means of transmission. Relationship to national culture: Traditional folk music is often linked to a particular culture that is emerging in a particular region or nation.

The contexts could be very different, and often the identity value became central in the groups of immigrants for whom folk music assumed the function of social aggregator. Religious events are often accompanied by folk music components and choral music is often performed by non-professional singers and the emotional transport is not always associated with the aesthetic quality of the music.

The definitions of contemporary folk music are often vague or different: all music defines them as "folk music, but not traditional music", or as a series of genres that emerge and develop from the reanimation of twentieth-century folk music. The American folk scene in general is characterized by: With " folk music reviews " we can refer to a time of renewed interest in traditional folk music or to an event or time of transformation of folk music, which usually require important social transformations.

The folk music reviews, also called revival folk music reviews, also include a number of phenomena around the world that see a reborn interest in traditional music, often among young people, often within certain territorial boundaries and often also the inclusion of new social tensions, causes and developments in new music in the same style.

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