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Punk Rock Classical Songs

The first punk band I ever heard/saw, and that night they helped change my life. Certainly they had some lame songs ("Little Rock n' Roller"), but there are many classic punk tunes that can do without them. and we never recorded. Rock Covers: Best-Of-Rock Cover Songs - Metal/Rock Covers from Pop/Rap/Classic Rock Hits.

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MATTEO VAGO decides to found a group with a simple and essential sound, a feature that gave rise to the idea of the name ON-OFF: "All we need is guitar, cable, amp and button on / off," says the founder. which will be published on February 1, 2010. The album contains 10 tracks of pure classic Rock'n'Roll, direct and explosive, with "Australian" influences and strong roots in Rock'70 and Blues: the result of a 10 year long hard series!

But the thing doesn't get through immediately, because the group becomes more and more known from 2001 to 2008 in Northern Italy and Switzerland as a loyal AC/DC tribute, participates in many renowned festivals and plays in hundreds of clubs. The year 2007 coincides with the arrival of bassist FABIO LAZZARIN and finally reached stability with the return of drummer SAMUELE SQUAIELLA and the subsequent entry on the guitar of DAVIDE BATTISTELLA, from the end of 2008 the transformation process of the group finally begins, concentrating on the production of their own songs, typically classical rock, English texts and vocals / guitar directly MATTEO.

RIBCRASHER was created in collaboration with PAOLO DEAL ABROI, the artistic producer of the Italian punk rock act PRUNKREAS with the album "FUTURO IMPERFETTO" (2008), "PUNKREAS LEVEL (2006)" and "PARANOIA EV POTERE" (1995), one of the best-selling punk rock records in Italy. Since February 2010, the group has been going on a long promotional itinerary in Italy and Switzerland at all the places / events previously conquered with the homage, collecting in 12 months more than 50 international reviews and publications in magazines (ROCK HARD, METAL HAMMER, METAL MANIAC, COMPUTER MUSIC STUDIO), interviews, radiopassages and selling almost 1500 copies of their debut album.

April 2012, always with the same production crew DAL BROI/ANDREOLI and the new drummer ALEX MOTTA, sees the release of the band's second album: DON'T FORGET THE MOTTA: Raw lowtech album with real sounds, simple and powerful, recorded as it was once done to preserve the group's characteristic impression of the group.

This time ON-OFF will be relying on the label Buil2 Kill Record, a young company from Genoa that works in harmony with the Nadir Promotion agency, both managed by TREVOR, the historical front man of SADIST. MARKY RAMONE, the opening act of KEE MARCELLO, the Spanish SEVENTY SEVEN, to take part in the METALITALIA aftershow.

In September 2013 the new drummer MARCO MPELLI joins the line-up and immediately manages to fit into the band's energy and sounds as a pulsating motor. In 2014, on the other hand, ON-OFF training is still in a state of change: DAVIDE ERMELLINI is going on its third minitour in Norway in time for stable training.

From December 2014, after the project was stopped by bassist LAZZARIN, ON-OFF will start composing material for the new record with the support of trusted bassist SILVANO ANCELLOTTI (DUSTINEYES and BASTARDS DIRTY), friend of the "old" Teo, who will also help the group record the new BORDERLINE record.

In the meantime, the group strengthens their friendship with ALESSIO FUSÉ, the new bass player who officially joins the family; despite his non-cooperation during the recording of the album, a phase that was rightly concluded with Silvano, Alessio immediately proves to be a person with a very helpful character and absolutely in line with the band's project, showing at the same time a correctness and commitment that is truly exceptional!

The third record of the band: BORDERLINE, recorded between July and November 2015, was released in April 2016, always with the historical production crew DEAL BROI/ANDREOLI and with the ALBERTO CUTOLO signed MASSIVE ARTS STUDIOS in Milan signing the masters' agreement. Despite a really black time for Italian live music and the rock genre in general, the ON-OFF continue to fight for their music on stage with their third one, which is a great success,

via their networks and through numerous interviews, collaborations, guests, promotional videos, events and everything an underground group can organize to spread their real rock'n'roll! In September 2018, in connection with the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will take place on the legendary Monza circuit, the ON-OFF will release the new single DOSE OF SEPE!

ON-OFF, *1999, when MATTEO VAGO resolved to form a group with a basic and essentially sounds, typical of the ON-OFF idea: "We only need guitars, cables, amplifiers and on/off switches," says the company's cofounder. However, it wasn't until 2009 that the group went into the recording room to release their RIBCRASHER début on February 1, 2010.

Containing 10 real rock'n'roll, classical and "direct" blue rock songs with "Australian" rock influence of the 70''s, the record is the culmination of a hard training session alive. The ON-OFF projekt was actually created in 1999 in the shape of a Coverband, but with the tenacious aim to write down originals; but it doesn't intervene immediately, just because the bands became more and more famous from 2002 to 2008 in North Italy and Switzerland as a loyal AC/DC tribute, took part in many famous Festivals/Open-Air-meetings and played several hundred Live-Clubs.

Originally a big novelty in the musical world of those years, the concept of the tripty orchestra was conceived as a spring of life populairity for the forthcoming launch of the "Original Songs" venture; but in the AC/DC triptych it seems that over the years the orchestra has undergone several line-up changes that are slowing down, relentlessly this relentless compositional creation normally ensured by the union of the artists who are part of it.

2007 marked the advent of FABIO LAZZARIN, the bass player, and eventually achieved stabilization with the coming back of percussionist SAMUEL SQUAIELLA and the entry of DAVIDE BATTISTELLA on guitars. At the end of 2008, the group's transition began, concentrating on the group' own song production: a typical classic with MATTEO on voice and guitars.

RIBCRASHER was produced in cooperation with PAOLO DAL BIROI, the artist producing the punk rock act PAOLO DAL BIROI and audio engineering director of the Punkrock bands PUNKREAS: "2008 edition of PUTURO IMPERFETTO", "PUNKREAS LAIVE (2006)" and "PARANOIA EL POTERE" (1995), one of the bestselling punk rock records in Italy. giorgio andreoli, audio engineers with huge experiences in living and working in studios and with many different cooperations with some well-known Italians.

From February 2010, the group has been on a long promo touring in Italy and Switzerland in all the clubs/events previously captured with AC/DC-Tribut, and in 12 month has collected more than 50 critiques and releases in Italien journals (HARD ROCK, METAL HAMMER, METAL MANIAC, COMPUTER MUSIC STUDIO), interview, broadcasts and sold nearly 1,500 copies off their début albums.

It is also perceived in Switzerland, where it was given a small bodily spread and a reproduction with the labels itself, i. e. PR! They released their second record in April 2012, always with the same DAL BROI/ANDREOLI crew and the new ALEX Motta drummer: don't forget the role, a rough, low-tech record, sounding true, easy and strong, taken "as it was a time", which plays drum, kick and beat guitars together to better keep the impression of the group' unique feature, the rock act.

The ON-OFF are relying this year on the record company BUIL2KILL RECORDS, a young Genoese musical phenomenon that works in harmony with the NADIR PROMOTION company, both under the direction of TREVOR, the historical SADIST front man. 2012/2014 will once again be marked by a long promotion phase full of appearances, shows, concerts, live performances, interview, publications as well as shows; in addition, the bands will produce a video clip of the promo singles "That's What I Call Rock'n'Roll" under the direction of GUIDO FONIO and RICCARDO BERNARDI on photographs, both well-known personalities of the Milan commercial and fashion world.

On Off succeeds as the opening act of bands such as KEE MARCELLO, MARKY RAMONE, the SEVENTY SEVEN ('77) of Spain, which were performed in METALITALIA. In September 2013, the new percussionist Marco Chapelli joins the line-up, covers the part of the band's "new engine" and immediately becomes an important part of the band's sounds and energies.

In the course of 2014 the line-up of the ON-OFF changes again: Guitarist DAVIDE ERMELLINI joins the group just in Time for the third Norwegian Mini-Tour. Starting in December 2014, after LAZZARIN's withdrawal from the projects of base artist LAZZARIN, ON-OFF will start composing materials for the new LP with the help of base artist SILVANO ANCELLOTTI (DUSTINEYES and DIRTY BASTARDS), an "old best friend" of Teo, who will also help the group with the recording of the new BORDERLINE LP.

A new bass player will join the group in December 2014: Susano ANCELLOTTI, musicians with many years of lived experiences, member of the rock act DuUSTINEYES and "old friend" of Matteo. It is at this point that the trial that will culminate in the release of the band's third full-length LP begins, but although the collaboration is now very vigorous and prolific, Silvano's heavy work obligations are forcing ON-OFF to restrict its collaboration with him just to recording the new LP, a regular and proper practice that has to do with the new bass player just because new materials have been written with his help.

In the meantime, the group strengthens their relationship with ALESSIO FUSÉ, the new member of the ON-OFF official ON-OFF familiy; despite his lack of collaboration in making the record (work assigned to co-writer Silvano), Alessio is a very good man and performer, a very supportive personality, totally in keeping with the band's plan and at the same time an unusual work!

This is where history replicates itself: Despite a truly "dark period" for the real life Italians, ON-OFF's third record continues its tough efforts to bring their songs to the stages, their community networking and through countless interview, collaboration, hosts, promotional video, event and anything an underground group can have to promote their real rock'n'roll!

In September 2018, coinciding with the controversial Grand Prix of the Formula 1 in Italy at the Autodrom in Monza, ON-OFF releases the new singles title ON-OFF THE SPED!

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