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One of the best bands of our generation. An original punk rock band from Forest Hills, Queens, NYC in classic songs that shine every day. Interview with the one and only Joe King from the Queers: the biggest punk rock band in the world! Read the full lyrics of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Punk Rock Classic from the album Mother's Milk. Seemed like a classic doll punk rock.

Monkeybiz: the good old Punk - Skirt - Rocks

Lombard band Mokeybiz is a punkrock trio with the right amount of charge, energy and punk nihilism of the years, combined with a good mix of original songs like "Stoned" and "Get Lost", and covers like the revised versions of "Jingle Bells" and "Die, The, My Darling" by misfits.

It should be noted that this latest review is entitled "Die, The You Scumbags" and contains a strong criticism of most politicians and recent events in this sense of the last period. The Monkeybiz therefore proposes a healthy punk-rock where all their influences and opinions about this system are outlined sickly for a long time.

The just described powerful threesome consists of Fly, Steve Ferrovecchio and Marco Mazzei.

Dr. Martens Classic and PLEASURES for a new Punk-rock Capsules

The Los Angeles label PLEASURES combines punk skirt, grill and roadwear and combines with Dr. Martens a capsules line that celebrates the original approach of the two "rebellious" brands to shoes and apparel. Consisting of a T-shirt, stockings and two pairs of designer shoes (a Quad Retro sole and a 1461), the range combines co-branding with motifs of green and a Dr. Martens colour that combines black, yellow and white.

The 1461 skyline is enriched by an open white tooth pattern and a "NOW" on the heel, while the Quad Retro features tribal graphics inspired by industrial music, anti-establishment music, rivets and checkered lace from the late 1990s. The shoes of the collaboration are presented in a green and bound box, combined with the details of the Quad Sole silhouette.

Socks with the slogan "Today is the first day of your new life" in orange and a t-shirt with a tooth pattern will be exclusively available now. Dr. Martens' punk-enthused collection will be available on the website on February 23, 2019.

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