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Punk classic. di Various Artists (Artista). Great debut in the charts of "Punk Goes Classic Rock", the cover album of Fearless Records. Read the full translation of Punk Rock Classic from Red Hot Chili Peppers' album Mother's Milk. " BREAKOUT BABY A - Pop Punk with reggae sections and classic punk chorus lifts.

Resounding melodies of the western guitar over buzzsaw punk guitars.

Fard rock classic: The Punk Collection

Today is a cult LP produced in 1977 by the Italian RCA to meet the growing demand for punk music for the service of the television guide "Odeon - Tutto quanto fa spettacolo". Punk in Italy was a rather fleeting youth phenomenon. During carnival 1978, many pretended to be "punk" and imitated the look Ivan Cattaneo created for Anna Oxa's first appearance in Sanremo, and the enthusiasm reserved for Ecco de Gri Incesti and Pus by Andrea Mingardi (two of the many rather naive attempts to play punk in Italy) quickly (and rightly) became reassuring by the most reassuring for the students of the Sun (LiĆ¹), Renato Zero (Triangle) and Kate Bush (Wuthering Heuthering).

When the phenomenon arrived in Italy some time later, with characteristics close to those of the historical movement of England in 1977, this LP came back strongly topical and fortunately also found a more suitable audience. When he was somewhat underestimated at his first appearance because of noises that were not as "punk" as we were used to, he understood the true value in the following years and managed to become a real cult object in a short time.

This is the case with the impressive debut singles of The Police (Quella Fall Out di quando Henry Padovani stava al poso di Andy Summers), Speaking Heads (Love - -> Build On Fire) and Patti Smith (Piss Factory), who had their only LP* appearance here. If that wasn't enough (but I assure you it was enough and advanced then) to complete the work, there is a collection of undeniable prestige: Eater, Dead Boys and Larry Martin Factory are names most people don't know today... and yet their songs have an incredible strength in the imagination of the coming years' pop scene.

I Don't care (The Boys) in the middle of Sheena is a punk rocker (Ramones) and Borne To Loose (Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers) still gives a certain thrill today. The Punk Collection has never been re-released on CD and is one of the most famous fetishes of the most devastating revolution in the world of youth music (and culture).

* Their authors have finally re-evaluated the three songs in question and included them in the precious grey hits: Case Out sta on The Police (The Police, 2007), Love -> Buildings On Fire on Sand And Vaseline (Talking Heads, 1992) Piss Factory opens the second band of Land (Patti Smith, 2002).

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