Classic Folk Songs

Traditional folk songs

Folk, Country and Western Classic Hits (vocals by famous singers). We' ll show you seven classic Italian Christmas carols that will put you in the holiday spirit, as well as tips for language students to get the most out of them. Surely "Torna a Sorriento" is one of the most famous Italian songs ever written. They are often contrasted with courtly, classical and later commercial music. Traditional Italian music and dances, champagne.

Testi Album: Almanac Singers - Classical Folk Songs - Volume 4 - Almanac Singers

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Folk music, the popular music that has written the history of its music. Modugno, Celentano, Albano, Mina, Sanremo, Festival, Pupo, Carosone, Bongusto, Battisti, Ricchi and Poveri. Beniamino Reitano, known as Mino (Fiumara, December 7, 1944 - Agrate Brianza, January 27, 2009), was a singer and songwriter,

British & Irish folklore traditionale

My first contact with this kind of music was in the 90s when I heard my mother's records and how the musicians played it. These days, my own kids walk around the house singing the same old songs. But there is a difference between these songs and the children's songs.

I met Mike when we made the CD Kinderreime, which sold very well in all Anglophone and German-speaking countries, and another CD with traditional German songs. I liked the idea and I started choosing songs and doing some exhibitions that I had sent to Mike.

I played with him in an Irish folk group in the 90s and since then we have been in contact. I contact Gerard Byrne twice to ask him to play the bodyhran (a kind of drum). I had played with him before and the strongest memory I have of him is when he played on a paved street at my wedding.

lan is also the producer of the children's rhyme CD, for which I added violin, mandolin and bandou. Revecca Leivers, the main character of the CD Noursery Rhyme Collections, added the chorus voice together with my daughter. Finally Mike Wilbury made the Arregle and published it together with Ian.

although the style of the instruments used makes us think more of Irish folk. We wanted to make a CD with traditional English songs in the style of Irish Folk.

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