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Details biography, filmography, awards, news and press reviews. Mr. Luigi Gigione Ciaravola was born in Boscoreale (NA), Italy. THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF LUIGI CIARAVOLA.

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Be Gijon : The Incredible Story of Louis le flocon de neige - At the Movie entvölkert den Dokufilm.

The audience cheers him up and as soon as he enters the stage, he begins with a standing oversight. It is Gijon, née Luigi Ciaravola, better known as "Bruce Springsteen of Boscoreale", "the king of square parties". Born in 1987, Valerio Vestoso dedicated a documentary film to him entitled "Being Gijon. L'incredibile storia di Luigi Ciaravola" (The incredible story of Luigi Ciaravola) will be published on January 18th.

It is really "incredible" the right adjective to synthesize the phenomenon Gigione, which especially in the summer in the province not only Campana goes crazy. Unbelievable for the number of concerts he plays each year, "about 150", as Gigione says, for the number and diversity of people who flock to his places, for the success that is confirmed year after year, for the songs that easily pass from the sacred to the profane, for a career that begins at the age of 7 and still reaches its peak at 70.

In this phenomenon, Vestoso has intelligently found the right way to tell the story of a huge piece of Italy, the province that is seldom a protagonist and of which little is known. "The young director explains that Giugione is a pretext, a tool, a kind of Trojan horse, to invade the Italian province. This is one of the reasons why MIBACT has decided to give us the title of "cultural heritage of cultural interest" because it has opened up this potential for us.

Very often the cinemas tell the story of the suburbs that differ from the province. And then there's the province that few people tell us about. Neapolitan, Avellino, Caserta, Bénevantana, from where I come, the province is a completely different world, not only not represented in the movies, but also not on an administrative and political level.

Gijon's music is a real fulcrum in this sense". Vestoso tells the private Gijon and the "stage animal", his songs and above all those who sing and dance under the stage with sensitivity and subtle irony in 71 minutes of the soundtrack. There is no shortage of real characters, from the boss of his fans clubs, including this unbelievably Umbrian, the child who imitates him at weddings, to Joe Donatello and Menayt, the two sons who alternate with him on stage.

Gigione followed Valerio through the provinces, snuggled up in his car with camera and microphone on or off the stage, at the table and in the recording room, in moments of relaxation where the singer gave him intimate reflections, and also on his way to Zurich and other European destinations.

"It was not easy to convince him to shoot this documentary - says Vestoso - and it was really hard to follow him anywhere: every day he goes through an impressive mileage. Mixed between sacred and profane, Gigione manages to entertain everyone, from children to grandparents, who pass through every social class. So Vestoso has very cleverly balanced the two souls of the singer-songwriter, telling him what he is like without ever entering the scene and giving the viewer the freedom to interpret everything as he wants.

With his famous pelvic movement, the "po-po-po-po" screams from the stage, the hands held by the audience, the self-ie gas pedal, the microphone passages to delight the fans, Gigione is a figure who has difficulty not to bind himself to them. Benevento-born Valerio Vestoso signed his first documentary film "Essere Gigione".

Thus a promising career is opening up for him.

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