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┬┐Quanto veve une galliina? Breed, weight, diet, disease, attitude: all factors that have a major influence on how much a hen lives. However, in general, the average life expectancy of a grazing chicken can vary between 8 and 12 years. For Guinness World Records, the oldest hen would have been Matilda, a female Ancient Nano English Fighter who died in 2006 at the age of 16.

And knowing how much a hen lives, at NovitalS11 Punk punk098x Boots Women Nr Silver Rock New M Magneto we strive to make quality products that last over time to ensure that you can always take the best care of your pet's needs. But besides knowing how much a hen lives, it is also useful to know Women Rock Nr New M Magneto punk098x Silver Punk Boots S11how, as long as it remains productive and how long it will be a good breed (or breeding, in the case of a cock).

Let's assume that a hen starts to lay her eggs between 4 and 8 months on average, depending on the breed, and that she reaches her maximum fetish peak in the following year. Commercial hybrids, the classic laying hens, can lay more than 300-320 eggs in the first year of life.

In most poultry breeds this quantity is reduced to 180-200 eggs in the first year of life. In the following years the hens will lay fewer and fewer eggs, and after 3 years the catch will probably be very small. Some chickens after the age of 10 years lay only 6 or 7 eggs per year!

How much a hen lives therefore becomes an important question, especially for another purpose, namely the selection of good breeding animals for one's own breeding. In fact, the chickens will probably lie for many years - little - sometimes until late at night, but the eggs laid in the years after the first will be larger than those in the first year.

This can really affect the choice of animals for breeding on a farm, but we will be discussing this next week in a separate article dealing with what reproducers aged on a poultry farm must have.

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