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" Hey Charlie, let's play the blues." "Il genio di Charlie Christian. He was a pioneer who created the jazz guitar from prehistoric times by using the electric guitar for jazz music. When Charlie Christian had to play with the clarinettist Rose Room, he won Benny Goodman's trust and a place in his band almost for fun. Below you will find the definitions that "Charlie Christian" has received so far.

A further bebop innovator, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, appears in the Christian catalogue - proof of the far-reaching attractiveness and influence of the guitarist.

Charles Henry Christian (Bonham, 29 July 1916 - New York, 2 March 1942) was an American guitarist in the fields of music, dance, music, dance, music, guitar, music, guitar and music. in Texas, il 29uglio 1916. Soon Charlie learned to play the guitar (on a cheap instrument given to him by his father) and developed an excellent technique that allowed him to lay the foundations for defining a role of relief for the electric guitar, until he was directed into a supporting role and pure accompaniment.

He is indeed regarded as the father of the electric guitar and indirectly as the father of rhythms & blues as well as solo music. The instrument with which Christian is iconic connected was a Gibson ES-150, one of the first electric guitars. Musicians and lovers of classical music call this instrument and the special pickup it was equipped with "Charlie Christian Modell" (abbreviated "C.C.").

Discovered by producer and explorer John Hammond while anonymously performing in Midwest Blue and West Swing ensembles and sessions, he was hired by famous clarinetist and leader Benny Goodman and spent most of his short career in his small groups (BGs Sextett/Septett); his masterpiece is Solo Flight, a concert for guitar and orchestral written by Jimmy Mundy and recorded with Goodman's Bigband.

In 1939, when Christian was only 23 years old, he was diagnosed with a severe form of tuberculosis, for which he was admitted in 1940. Admitted to the bar, Charlie Christian died three years later on 2 March 1942. The body was buried in the city where it was born, but the identification plate was never engraved, leaving a halo of mystery at the exact location of the burial.

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