Celtic Rock Music

Celt rock music

<font color="#c400c4">(newscaster) Scottish Pipes & Drums ~ Albannach ~ Celtic Rock. This band plays an energetic and contemporary Celtic punk rock. Today CelKilt are considered one of the leading Celtic Rock bands in Europe.

The local artists Jiggernaut have earned a solid reputation for combining traditional Irish and Scottish folk music with rock n roll. Book and rent BOIRA FUSCA (celtic-rock) contact, original, cover, acoustic, other, string quartet & similar, band from Ivrea, IT.

not involve, but overwhelm.

Animo-rock, Celtic heart and love for contamination, make their repertoire a whirlpool of emotions that can never keep up with themselves, a surprising sound cathedral with references to Jazz, blues, world of music and Pop. After the success of their first two CDs - Celtamente and All'Attacco - they gave birth to their last and expected work in 2016: La non è non è amore.

Seelenrock, Celtic hearts and the ability to contaminate make their repertory a vortex of emotion never to be equated with themselves, an incredible soundsystem related to jack, word music and popular music. becomes even more exciting. Playing their shows all over Europe, they were selling out everywhere, on the court and at festival and managed to rock the assembled crowd.

Following the triumph of their first 2 CDs - Celtamente and All'Attacco - in 2016, they gave life to their last work: Under the fifth is not love.

Boira Fusca, Celtic rock group - Italy, Turin

It is difficult to predict where the boats that sailed for decades in stormy seas will land, when the port where they will moor at the end of the voyage is called BOIRA FUSCA, every rule will be surpassed by surprise and impulse. The mixture of these sounds from the Celtic space and other sounds of electric and amplifiable nature has led to a folk-rock reality in which more introspective and profound songs alternate with lively rigs and traditional roles of Scottish/Irish origin.

BOIRA FUSCA is sufficiently convinced that music is a great aggregating force that enables everyone to explore their existential sphere convincingly and profoundly and to realize a better future, beginning with the personal. For this reason, the journey continues in every harbour, in every barn, in every tavern: let the music speak, it is always the best choice.

BOIRA FUSCA offers a repertoire of traditional Irish-Celtic music, newly arranged in a rockkey: the traditional bagpipe, violin and accordion are flanked by guitar and electric bass, drums and keyboards form a unique and powerful tone, which will echo in the Celtic melodies of Northern Europe, but with the modernity of progressives rock!

BOIRA RUSCA offers a two-hour electro show with instrumental pieces, jigs, reel, sets, songs and ballads of the Irish-Scottish tradition and covers. BOIRA FMUSCA have different systems for different requirements: - indoor and outdoor concerts with small or medium audience + sound engineer.

BOIRA Funca has participated in important festivals in Italy and abroad, such as CELTICA in Valle d'Aosta, LA FESTA CELTICA DI BELTANE in Masserano, LOCARNO ON ICE in Switzerland, FAIRYLANDS FESTIVAL in Lazio, BRINTAL CELIC FESTIVAL, IRLANDA IN FESTA in Padua and many others, as well as dozens of concerts in clubs, bars and clubs throughout Italy.

Musicalments and professionalments. We are not only great and very good musicians, but also fabulous people. I thank BOIRA again for giving us a wonderful evening full of energy and passion! After the KEILY'S FOLK, who knew BOIRA Funca, I decided to take care of her, through Melusine Management, overwhelmed by her impressive ability and technique.

Together with them and other groups of the Italian Celtic scene we founded the CLADDAGH - live, love und friendship record company. Rent the BOIRA FUSCA and you won't regret it!

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