Celtic Punk Music

eltic Punk music

The two American bands with Irish hearts, Celtic punk icons in the world, return together to Italy to host an event unique in Europe. Fancesco Ricci: Violin Francesco Zuretti : Chitar Track by Tullamore, Irish Punk Band from Pavia, Italy http://www.myspace.com/dewtullamore. Celtic Punk (or Irish Punk) is a musical genre which is created by the fusion of Punkrock and Irish Folk.

Find the perfect stock photo of Celtic punk music. Back in Italy, the largest Celtic punk band in the world, the flagship of the genre that combines the sounds of punk rock with the melodies of Irish folk.

Murphys Dropkick: i re del Celtic punk Americano

Tonight (February 14th) the Popkick Mqurphys return in concert for a single Italian date at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padua. Boston rockers now working with Bruce Springsteen, known for their punk Oi mixture! "The guys are back and they're in trouble again," I could say by rewriting one of your songs.

"It'?s not easy to prepare for these concerts, because in Boston we always have to come up with something. Being on stage on St. Patrick's Day is always an incredible emotion, and the special thing about the event is the fact that we play a lot of concerts, so we have to make sure that the schedule is different every night. It is not easy, even if we have a repertoire of over a hundred songs.

What does this anniversary mean to you since you are the kings of American Celtic punk? "Most of us have a history that connects us to Ireland and we have all grown up with traditional Irish music. But I think it's generally a question of music, especially...". Then let's talk about your musical role models.

I discovered the oldest traditional Irish music of them. Then I remember in California, when we started playing, there was a punk rocking act that was strongly influenced by Dropkick Murphys: Swingin' Utters. But of course there's Ramones, AC/DC, old stuffed rock'n'roll and Soulmusic.

A Celtic punk version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. "Yes, we were looking for some kind of powerful hymn pushed by the bagpipes, and actually it was one of the most exciting songs we played during the last concerts. We tried to write one of those "late night" songs in the style of Sam Cooke that we all love, and that song came out.

In 2011 you toured with Street Dogs, Mike McColgan's first singer. And on this occasion Mike also went on stage with Dropkick Murphys. Your latest record talks about the return of opioid addiction in songs like paying My Way, You'll Never walk Alone, Blood.

What happens to all these overdoses of Fentanyl? "It's something that has hit Massachusetts particularly hard, although it's now a problem that affects all of America. How is it that the problem is occurring? Or the fact that street heroin is now being cut off with this drug that overdoses those who are not used to it?

But part of the problem is that after a severe accident or injury you are prescribed these strong painkillers; sometimes the therapy takes a long time and when you stop taking the medication to feel better physically and mentally, you resort to the substances available on the street and eventually become a common poison.

Another aspect of the problem, however, is the stigmatism in our society that affects those who abuse drugs, so that they even feel ashamed when someone has a problem asking for help. They have also dedicated a song, 4-15-13, to the bombing of the Boston Marathon 2013. Now that we're playing a different kind of concert, our perspective has changed today, but I can tell you that there are some great bands that we often ask to open our concerts.

What does it mean to be punk in 2018? "I wish a group like ours could teach that anything is possible. I mean... we're just some guys from the Boston area who were lucky enough to play in a group that people love. I' m not too political.... let's say I prefer to concentrate on writing songs".

In fact, however, the Dropkick Murphys work continuously with trade unions and voluntary associations. If we weren't giving concerts every day, we'd probably be working in the factory. So is there still room in 2018 for pop and pop music in the sense of proletarian music? "I think we've reached a point where there's a big separation between people again.

We simply try to bring people some happiness with our music in these really absurd times".

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