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We' re happy to announce that the Lions World Song Festival for the Blind "Sounds from the Heart" album is now available. Sings a song Christmas + CD. Dedicated to The Willow Song Mme. WMA Track on the CD player. "Fabrizio reflects, "I felt so ready to work on the album that I immediately started creating new songs.

Soul Compedy My Song - CONCERT/SPECT für die Präsentation der CD "Viaggi, sogni e colori...di anime che cantano" - Montag 25. Juni, h 21.30 - Teatro Superga di Nichelino - Soulfood Music Lab

After seven years in the lab, exploring the panoramic view of the last hundred years (from dark tunes and rocks to Italian tunes, dancing and musicals ), the guys from the Soul Company lab decided to explore the kind of tunes each of us has.

With the help of Soulfood Music Lab's musicians/trainers, the guys wrote and recorded the songs that will compose their first CD, with original music and lyrics. On 25 June at 9.30 pm, they will present it with a major event at the Superga Theatre in Nichelino, led by the musicians who coordinated the workshop and accompanied it live by a group of experts.

The evening will be hosted by talented Cristina Calleri, a historic friend of Soulfood and the guys from Soul Company. In the afternoon, again in the Superga Theatre, the final show of the children attending the preparatory course of the Engim in Nichelino takes place. Before the performances, the students of the Karpe Diem Workshop (another music workshop for the Engim students) will propose a DJ kit to entertain the audience in the hall.

May I inaugurate the SOUL COMPANY Laboratory? This is a music workshop organised by the Soulfood Music Lab association in collaboration with ENGIM in Nichelino, with the aim of creating an integrated show in which the different skills of the individual members of the company interact and complement each other. The members of the SOUL COMPANY (tra: La Comagnia dell' Anima) are handicapped children, but also children from ENGIM courses who participated in the workshop "Karpe Diem".

The activity is led by three musicians from the Turin area: Anna Forloni, singer and music therapist, and music teachers Enzo Degioia (piano and keyboards) and Michele Bornengo (bass). Are you ready to enjoy the emotions that only the most sincere music can give?

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