Canberra Folk Festival

The Canberra Festival

Easter SaturdayThe festival takes place in the Exhibition Park in Canberra, which is.... An energetic Sardinian folk dance performed by Bruna and her husband Ottavio.

Group photo at the entrance of the festival. Step inside and discover beautiful Canberra, the capital of the Australian state. The climate in Canberra is much drier than in Sydney and other coastal cities.

Tribute to all the musicians of the migrant world.

National Folk Fellow 2018 Salvatore Rossano presents Sonu', a music project that explores migration issues through recordings from the Oral History Collection of the National Library of Canberra. "Sonu" is the new show, but also the new album of Salvatore Rossano and Santa Taranta, which will be released soon. Based on recordings from the archives of the Canberra National Library, "Sonu" draws on the rich musical history that women and men from Italy have brought to Australia.

The act of playing and singing does indeed become a way for the recorded people to reconnect with their identity and origins, explains Rossano, an exchange of memories of the land they come from. They met as children in music school and 70 years later they still share their lives and music in Australia.

Tonight (29 November) the show "Sonu" takes place in Canberra. The event, which is organised in cooperation with the National Folk Festival, will take place at the National Library of Australia from 6 p.m. onwards.

Sicilian Ethno Folk Group on Australian Tour with Oi Dipnoi

After a successful tour in 2017, the Sicilian ethno folk group Oi Dipnoi returns to Australia to participate in the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, the Cygnet Folk Festival in Tasmania, the Illawarra Folk Festival in NSW and the Django Bar in Sydney. The group was founded in 2013 by three Sicilian musicians who have been working internationally for over a decade: Valerio Cairone (accordion, bagpipes and voice), Marco Carnemolla (bass and voice) and Mario Gulisano (tambourine, mranzano,).

The result is an original repertoire with a very original sound, thanks to the fusion of elements of progressive jazzmusic with archaic folk. They have already participated in numerous European festivals such as the Adriatic Mediterranean in Ancona, Zampognarea and Musicamilo in Sicily, the Nádasdy Folk Festival in Sarvar, the Babel Sound in Balatonlelle and the Kaláka Folk Festival in Eger, Hungary, the Frazzanò Folk Festival in Sicily, the Acoustic Landscapes in Corropoli and the Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat, Croatia.

In 2015 they released the CD Basstrika (which means "breath" in Sanskrit), which was already presented in Australia in 2017 during a tour which they performed in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra (National Folk Festival) and Perth (Fairbridge Folk Festival) in addition to the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney.

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